Daily Archive for February 25th, 2005

Microsoft to reimburse for damage caused by their faulty software

So you download the new anti-spyware tool from Microsoft cause your wife has installed every bargain hunting spyware, pop-up ad, get rich scheme application on the family computer.

You run the application and it destroys your files, including the collection of mp3s you bought from allofmp3.com for 10 billion rubles.

Fear not, Microsoft will reimburse you for the damage. Up to $5 USD.

Oh my god, I’m, like, so going to install that application. Awesome!


T-Mobile – more holes than in swiss cheese

The scorecard so far:

Paris Hilton cracks: 2
Fred Durst cracks: 1

T-Mobile customers lost: ???

I wouldn’t choose T-Mobile as my cellphone provider, if I was a celebrity.

Incidentally I did switch from T-Mobile over their handling of the big cracking incident late last year. They had known the cracker had access to their customer information for months, yet failed to plug the hole and notify impacted customers, except Paris Hilton, who apparently was important enough.