Daily Archive for August 8th, 2005

Guilty until proven innocent

Looks like a couple of the Michael Jackson trial jurors are milking in the dough on the media interview circus by basically saying “we thought he was innocent of the crimes accused, but we should’ve convicted him anyway, because he might’ve been guilty of other crimes”.

That’s exactly what was wrong in all the media coverage during the trial. Because the dude is a monkey-loving, plastic-surgery-defaced freak we should put him away, cause we don’t like him. Fine. Let’s go that way, but only if we get to jail other people we don’t like as well. In fact, I have a LONG list of people I don’t like and rather see neutralized before they can do more harm.

In fact, let’s do one better. Let’s have the MEDIA run trials and convict people using website polling:

Q. Should we hang this ugly african-american man?
1. Hell yea, hang the n****, I’m from the south
2. Heavens, no! I’m a tree-hugging liberal intellectual from Vermont, death penalty is wrong
3. Whatever YOU think, Geraldo Rivera
4. Dude, I don’t know, I’m so high I can’t even click on the right freakin button
5. No, but hang this other dude I don’t like

That’d save a fortune and, even better, it’d be a revenue generating activity for the private businesses. What could be better???


It’s all about public perception

Some crackpot government official in Indiana State decided it’d be a good idea to ban all clocks from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle waiting rooms so that people waiting for hours wouldn’t know they’ve been waiting for hours.

A+ for creative thinking, F- for service