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The despicable state of US healthcare system

A friend of mine was admitted to the hospital over a severe ear infection. His wife describes their ongoing ordeal with his treatment, or lack thereof, at the hospital.

I would like to believe this is an isolated incident, but I hear stories like this all the time.

The father of a good friend of my wife’s is quite possibly terminally ill having suffered a bad stroke several months ago. He’s been hospitalized practically ever since the stroke. The stories of his maltreatment by healthcare “professionals” are appalling and quite frankly make me hope when it comes the time for me to go, I’d just go quickly rather than suffer unnecessarily while being “treated”.

I believe all this is due to the privately run healthcare facilities trying to save every possible penny at the expense of pain and suffering of people in their care. Cost cutting to the bone is not good in everything.


Up yours, spammer scum, yet again

Alan Ralsky, the self-proclaimed Spam King, finally got caught with his pants down. The FBI raided his home and his son-in-law’s home and seized all of their computer equipment and business records.

Ralsky, like other high profile spammers, is no stranger to being in the wrong side of the law. He’s served jail time for fraud in the past. Let’s hope they put him back where he belongs after the FBI has concluded the investigation on this vermin.


Conan O’Brien for the President of Finland!

Go Conan!


Up yours, spammer scum, again

A couple of spamming vermin are in trouble with the law again.

AG Reilly shuts down Internet spam gang websites

Leo Kuvayev and his cohorts based in Massachusetts spamming for their illegal online “pharmacy” business got pwned by the MA Attorney General to the tune of $37M.

Weaselboy’s online antics

Peter Francis-Macrae, otherwise known as Weaselboy, from St Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK thought it’d be a good idea to send death threats to people who stood up to him, threaten the .uk domain registry with a DDOS attack and even more amazingly joe-job the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire. For this Darwin Award deserving performance Weaselboy has been sitting in jail since December 2004.


The hypocrisy of anti-video gaming laws

Arnold Schwarznegger signed a law banning selling violent video games to minors or face a $1,000 fine.

Funny how this man, who made his millions from extremely violent movies affording him his successful bid for Governor of California, is now the champion of anti-media-violence.

The Wired article sums up the hypocrisy pretty well with their last sentence: “Consider that your final irony: Politicians work hard to ban virtual torture — while working just as hard to allow it in real life.”

-TPP – Save the Children!

Bush, Harriet Miers, GTECH, sex and videotapes

Interesting article that comingles George W. Bush, Harriet Miers, GTECH and Texas State Lottery.

Looks like there’re some open questions as to the integrity of Miers (and GTECH) during a bit of a scandal in Texas State Lottery during the late 90s. But she was loyal even back then, so I guess it’s ok.

More links about the same issue:
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Bush appoints new Supreme Court Justice

George W. Bush appoints a new Supreme Court Justice.

She’s never served as a judge before, but she did stay at Holiday Inn Express last night.