Monthly Archive for December, 2005

The Recording Industry vs The People

I just found a very interesting blog about the RIAA lawsuits. It’s run by two lawyers, who apparently think RIAA is abusing the law.

The blog documents and comments on active cases RIAA is litigating in the courts as well as other background information into the RIAA’s war on P2P downloads.


Google Analytics rocks

Just the other day, for example, I was happy to see someone visiting my humble blog from SEDGWICK,DETERT,MORAN & ARNOLD via a Google search using the keywords “allofmp3 copyright violation”. Looks like I’m 6th in the search results for that keyword combination.

Hi guys! Racking up frequent flier miles with Aeroflot?

-TPP – all of RIAA’s bases are belong to allofmp3

My brush with celebrity

So we were having some great steaks for (pre-)Christmas dinner with my wife’s family, and towards the end of the dinner a young woman practically throws herself at the table behind us. I’m thinking she’s a little nuts, and take a glance on what the hell is going on. Then I take another glance.

Dude, that’s LL Cool J! Sitting. Right. Next. To. Us. Holy SHIT!

I’ve been listening to hip hop for almost 20 years, and I’ve got one of the pioneers of hip hop not farther than 4 feet from me. How cool is that!

He was having a good time with, I assume, some of his relatives. Apparently he lives not too far from the restaurant, and goes there all the time.

Next time I go there, I’ll be bringing my LL Cool J albums with me 🙂


In Soviet New York the police spies on your political activities

The New York Times reports undercover NYPD police officers have been quietly “observing” activist group gatherings in New York City for a few years.

NYPD claims they monitor, in disguise, high profile gatherings to keep order and protect free speech. *cough*bullshit*cough*


Cat bathing advice

I’m scarred, psychologically and, more importantly, physically, from last night’s cat bathing “adventure”.

I wish I’d read the advice from cat bathing veterans beforehand. Despite being fairly well prepared (a long sleeve shirt is a MUST) and having a two to one advantage over our little William Gibson, he turned out to be a mighty adversary. I have scars in places I never knew could be reached by claws.

Next time, Gibbie, the rules will have changed!


I use at work all the time

Finally a good reason to visit from work.


In Soviet US the Government spies on you

The big story of the week was the revelations in the New York Times over George Bush authorizing warrantless spying of US citizens. In true East German style, President Bush, tried to deflect blame by attacking the messenger and accussed the New York Times of endangering national security by revealing his illegal and unconstitutional acts.

In other, related, news a UMass Dartmouth student was writing a paper on communism for class and tried to borrow Mao Tse-Tung’s Little Red Book using the school’s interlibrary loan program. Much to his surprise the book was delivered to him in person by two friendly agents of the Department of Homeland Security. Sadly the agents did not leave the book with the student. The article doesn’t mention whether the agents returned the book to the library or burned it.


Oh noes! You’re going to SUEEEEYY ME!

The fine people of ZUG pull a couple of excellent pranks on the RIAA and the music industry peoples.


How convenient

President Bush accepted responsibility on Wednesday for going to war with faulty intelligence.

Well, that’s certainly much safer now than before the presidential elections, isn’t it.


How the Republicans Stole Christmas

The Federal Government is thinking of introducing a budget for the next fiscal year that would cut essential services from low income people across the country. The cuts are severe, and will hit the poorest the hardest.

Medicaid, food stamps, social services are all getting multi-billion dollar cuts in order to pay for the federal aid to Afghanistan, Iraq, the oil companies, Katrina relief efforts among other things.

What’s particularly ironic is that while victims of Katrina are getting emergency federal aid from one Governmental agency, the proposed budget cuts would cut other aid to the very same people. Give with one hand, take with the other? That’s flip-flopping with people’s lives, dear Republicans.

Meanwhile they’re still passing tax cut bills. Is there any sense to any of the Republican tax policies?