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Aetna stores your data on laptops

Yet another data theft, and yet another company that’s completely failed to protect your confidential information.

Will Aetna get in trouble for this as they should? Of course not, just like with any other company that mishandles your data, there will be no consequences to Aetna, except a little egg in their face.


Why do copyright holders and US legislators assume people are guilty until proven innocent?

Yet another bill making copyright violations incrementally more serious hit the news today.

Entertainment industry lackeys Senators Feinstein and Graham have introduced a new bill that would effectively ban devices that record streamed digital music, primarily through satellite radio.

Then there’s the new super-DMCA introduced by Conressman Lamar Smith, someone who is so completely in the pocket of the entertainment industry that he probably doesn’t even fart without asking them if he is allowed to do that. This bill is something else. Among other things it would make posting copyrighted material on the net exceeding a value of $1,000 punishable by a 10 – 20 year prison sentence. You gotta be fucking kidding me! I can kill someone and get a lower sentence. Be sure to check the working draft of this bill that reveals the kind of edits done to it before its introduction. It’s amazing.

When the fuck did the US legislators start assuming every US citizen is a criminal and therefore not to be trusted with such awful gadgets as satellite radio receivers with recording capability? And I’m not even going to go into the way copyrights have been extended so that the original work is basically covered until hell freezes over.

Why is the tech industry sitting with their thumbs up their ass and basically letting the entertainment industry dictate the direction of technological innovation? (Update: read below…)

With the introduction of such concepts as the Broadcast Flag it’s clear the entertainment industry doesn’t want the consumers to record anything digital. Not even if you legally own it. They don’t want you to back it up or transfer it to another device so that you can listen to it while jogging. And the reason for it is not so that you’d have to buy it sevral times (although that’s a consequence), but because if they allow it, then all of us criminals will be distributing digital content wholesale. And there’s where the assumption of guilt until proven innocent comes in. Why are the US legislators buying into this sort of thinking? It goes against everything this country is supposed to stand for.

Why are organizations such as the EFF the only ones that keep making any noise about these issues?

Just north of the border, there’s a revolution going on in the music industry. Six leading Canadian record labels left CRIA, The Canadian Recording Industry Association, over disagreements on how CRIA handles copyright issues. It has left some wondering just how Canadian the CRIA is, as it seems it’s more interested in protecting the “rights” of their southern comrades than advancing Canadian artists’ interests.

Fuck’em. Just fuck all of them. Simple as that.

Update: Right on cue, CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) has upped the ante:

Please also read the press release associated with CEA’s campaign against RIAA/MPAA. Awesome!


Finding correlation where there is none

Yesterday we get news of a foiled Columbine-style shooting.

Five teenagers were planning on a shooting rampage at Riverton High School on 4/20, which is Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Sheriff Steve Norman has this to say about the boys:

“I think there was probably some bullying, name calling, chastising,” he said. He also said investigators had learned the suspects were computer buffs who liked violent video games.

What the fuck did video games have to do with this?

As the editorial about the news on a gaming blog,, says:

Now understand, about 110% of male teenagers in America play “violent” video games, so what’s the real connection?

Indeed. It seems the mere fact that these boys happened to play violent video games, just like roughly every other boy of the same age, discounts anything else these boys might’ve been up to.

It Just Must Have Been The Video Games, right?


The White House credibility problem

Here we go. Scott McClellan “resigns”, Karl Rove is reassigned.

Sure, both of them had a credibility problem outside of the White House, but at least in the case of Scott McClellan, he was forced into that position by his boss.

Too bad you can’t reassign the president or the vice president. That’s where the credibility problems stem from after all.

-TPP crashes after the overtime win

This is what I’m getting trying to access the official website for Pori Ässät at the moment:

500 Servlet Exception

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Resin-3.0.17 (built Thu, 22 Dec 2005 12:11:34 PST)


Ässät WINS!

At 2:03 in the first overtime, Ässät scores the winning goal!!!

Incredible!!! Listening at the radio broadcast, the hockey rink went absolutely wild after the goal.

Now, let’s take the home game advantage away in the next game!


Ässät kick ass!

2nd game in the finals series.

HPK, the opposing team, scores a goal to take a one-goal lead at 1:10 to go in the final period. Game is done.

Not so quick! Ässät comes back and scores a goal to tie the game at 4 – 4 at 34 seconds to go in the game.


The game is going into overtime right now.

Let’s go Ässät!!! Let’s go Ässät!!! Let’s go Ässät!!!


Did we come here to talk or drink?!

A great collection of Finnish jokes along the same line as the following:

Mika and Peppe hadn’t seen each other for ages, so they decided to get together for “one” beer. At the end of the first pint Peppe says “How have you been?” Mika just grunts in reply.

At the end of the second pint Peppe asks “So how’s your family?” Again, Mika just grunts in reply.

After three pints Peppe asks “How’s work going?” Mika suddenly stands up and shouts
“Perkele! Did we come here to talk or drink?!”


RIAA says the US President is a criminal

I can hardly wait till RIAA sues George Bush.

Pitting George Bush against the RIAA Settlement Support Center folks would be very entertaining.


EFF has published a paper on the unintended consequences of DMCA

The EFF paper is a great collection of DMCA horror stories.

I’m pretty sure the copyright owners see the list as a collection of their greatest moments though.