Daily Archive for August 7th, 2006

Al Gore and the Penguin Army

Looks like the Big Oil can’t really discredit Al Gore’s message about global warming, so they decided to attack his character instead in a classic ad hominem style by creating a YouTube video piece.

That would’ve probably been just ok, if they also would’ve been upfront about producing the video. But that would’ve been way too honest for companies, who are making more money than any other company in the history of mankind while still begging for money from the US Government claiming they can’t afford to fund research, because hurricane Katrina has negatively affected their profits.

So they didn’t disclose producing the video. Instead the video was claimed to have been produced by toutsmith. Who the fuck is “toutsmith”? According to Wall Street Journal, he is an employee of DCI Group, a well known propaganda company, whose clients include just about every big corporation and political party in the country.

When you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger?