Daily Archive for January 3rd, 2007

allofmp3.com sued for $1.65 TRILLION USD

RIAA sues allofmp3.com for copyright infraction in New York. They are going for the maximum penalty afforded by the law…$150K per infraction. That comes to $1.65 trillion USD.

How they can sue a Moscow based company in New York escapes me, but I’m sure the RIAA lawyers found a loophole to exploit.

The $1.65 trillion USD claim just illustrates very poignantly how ridiculous the laws governing copyright violations are.


madfinn.blogspot.com is dead, long live madfinn.paananen.fi

If you’re linking to my blog at Blogger (madfinn.blogspot.com), please update your link to madfinn.paananen.fi.

I’ve completed the migration of all content from Blogger to WordPress hosted on my family’s new domain. There will be no more content posted to Blogger from January 2007 onward.