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Kimi Räikkönen – Formula One World Champion 2007

Kimi Räikkönen today became the third Finn to win a Formula One World Championship. The other two are Keke Rosberg (1982), and two-time champion Mika Häkkinen (1998, 1999).

The Kimster won the championship despite seemingly unsurmountable obstacles having been 7 points behind the championship leader Lewis Hamilton, and 3 points behind Fernando Alonso. The Iceman had 100 points, Fernando Alonso 103 points and Lewis Hamilton 107 points before the final race. Not only that, but he started 3rd on the starting grid behind Lewis Hamilton and in front of Fernando Alonso.

In the race results Kimi was first gaining 10 points, Alonso third gaining 6 points, and Hamilton 7th gaining 2 points.

The final championship points are:

Kimi: 110 points
Hamilton: 109 points
Alonso: 109 points

Kimi is the World Champion by 1 point!

Finally his bad luck is gone. He’s been constantly the fastest racer on the track for the past 3 years, but reliability problems with his cars has kept him from winning the world championship until now.

Congratulations Kimi!


Torture on US soil reports that two immigrants, who were deported from the United States, are suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with the help of ACLU.

It appears that ICE decided it’d be a good idea to forcefully inject the detainees with powerful anti-psychotic drugs to make the detainees easier to handle. The detainees medical condition was not assessed before the injections, so the drugs could’ve had severe side effects with other medication the detainees might have taken.

I know ICE really doesn’t think immigrants, especially the illegal ones, have any rights and that they can do whatever they please to these people, but this is going way over the line. It is, according to all international (and likely domestic) laws, torture, plain and simple.

Let’s see what becomes of this. Will some higher ups get a slap on the wrist, or is there going to be an appropriate punishment for all involved for torturing another human being?


War on Piracy is effective?

Chris Israel, the Copyright Czar of the Bush Administration is hailing the guilty verdict of a music pirate as a major victory in the fight against piracy.

Surely he’s referring to a conviction of a ringleader of a major international piracy ring that prints CDs in China and hauls them over the Pacific to the United States to make millions of dollars in profit? Naah, Mr. Israel is referring to a guilty verdict and $222K fine of Jammie Thomas, a single mom with two kids. She was convicted of sharing 24 songs on p2p network Kazaa.

That’s kinda like celebrating busting a teenager with one roll of pot in his mouth as a major victory in the war on drugs, and then fining him $100K for it.


Congratulations RIAA

RIAA has won its lawsuit against Jammie Thomas, a single-mom of two kids. RIAA accused Ms. Thomas of sharing music on p2p networks. RIAA could only claim copyright ownership of 24 songs.

The jury awarded RIAA $222,000 in damages. That’s $9,250 per song. That sure sounds fair to me.

You could buy over 8,000 CDs with $222K.

I’m sure the RIAA is busy celebrating its victory over this single-mom. I hope bankrupting her was worth it.


George Bush doesn’t care about children

It’s one thing to play the idelogical chess game while jousting for power in Washington, but to do that with the lifes of children is a whole another thing.

George Bush has vetoed a bill that would’ve expanded healthcare coverage on children predominanently from poor families. You know, maybe Kanye West was onto something after all with his juvenile commentary on live TV.

George Bush’es neo-con bullshit, however, has attracted the ire from several Governors of US States. They are sueing him because of it. It seems as if simply refusing the sign bills supported by both parties is not enough, he’s also introduced several new restrictions that disallow the states to come up with their own plans to expand healthcare options of children.

I continue to wonder why poor people in this country continue to support George Bush and the ideology of the Republicans when, again, it’s hitting the poorest people in the country the hardest.