Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Finns are, like, totally hip with the Internets

Looks like Finns know a good thing when they see it. Firefox marketshare in Finland is approaching 50%, higher than in any other country in Europe.

We are smart. This proves it.


Russian authorities to investigate election fraud

About time!

Oh, wait…they’re not investigating the rampant and transparent fraud by Vladimir Putin and his henchmen, but that of an opposition leader running against Putin’s puppet in the upcoming presidential elections.

Apparently the Kremlin thinks Mikhail Kasyanov forged 15,000 signatures that he was required to submit to support his candidacy after Putin banned his party.

It’s amazing at which lengths the Putin Dictatorship goes to secure another .1% of votes. Kinda reminds me of what the communists did. Makes you wonder.


Rudy Giuliani – a vindictive schoolyard bully

It’s no wonder why New Yorkers so dislike the mayor with 9/11 tourette’s syndrome. It’s stories like the one New York Times is writing about today that make him look like a more evil version of Dick Cheney.

The New York Times writes about the ruthlessness, pettiness and sometimes even downright illegality in the ways lil Rudy dealt with outspoken critics of him and his mayorality. New York City paid out a record amount of civil penalties during Giuliani’s term as a mayor of the city.

It’s a good thing this mini-Goebbels hasn’t been able to fool the outsiders in the Republican primaries. Maybe there’s hope he will fade away from politics after his failed attempt to become Bush III.


No spitting in the elevator

I snapped the photo on the right earlier today while riding the elevator in the building my eye doctor has her office.

I gotta say it never occurred to me that there’d be a need to post a no spitting sign inside an elevator before, but I guess it really is a big problem around where I live.

Yea. It’s real high society in Flushing, NY.


Simo Häyhä – Baddest badass of all badasses

The story of a Finnish WW II sniper Simo Häyhä is pretty amazing. A soft-spoken farmer standing at 5 feet tall killed more enemy soldiers than any other sniper in any army in history.

His official kill count stands at 505 confirmed sniper kills. Even more amazing is that those kills were achieved in a 100 day span. By some sources it’s estimated that he killed one Soviet soldier for every hour of daylight during those 100 days. I’m not sure it’s entirely accurate though, but not entirely impossible given the short days during wintertime in Finland.

He was an unstoppable killing machine the likes of which the world has never known before or since.

Damn right!