New York City air quality is horrible

The American Lung Association released their State of the Air 2008 report this week.

New York City receives a failing grade for particle pollution and rises to 8th place in the list of cities most polluted by ozone. Furthermore respiratory diseases are on the rise in the city.

Louise Vetter, president and ceo of American Lung Association of New York City, says New York City’s air problems are the result of high traffic and the density of traffic.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the wisdom of our State legislators in Albany. They recently decided to floor New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal for congestion traffic pricing in New York City. I thank them for their contribution in increasing pediatric asthma cases in New York City. I hope your children living in upstate New York continue to enjoy fresh air. Just be careful when coming over to visit us city folks here in New York City. As you may know the air quality here will just keep worsening. Thanks to you.


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