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Enough of the “debate”

I can’t listen to the schoolyard bickering and “he said, she said” type of nonsense any longer.

I’m sure plenty of commentators will spend the the night and morning “debating” about who won, but one thing is for sure…the American public lost. That’s not debating, it’s yacking about insubstantial crap.


Jack Thompson is so disbarred…

Jack Thompson is so disbarred even kids wont play with him during recess.

Jack Thompson is so disbarred, he’s not even allowed to approach the bench at a picnic table.

Jack Thompson is so disbarred he can’t even play basketball because it’s on a court!

Those and many, many more can be found on a Twitter search: “so disbarred”

As reported by the most excellent video game blog Kotaku.


Jack Thompson, ex-attorney

The Florida Supreme Court has today decided to withhold the recommendation to disbar him from the Florida Bar Association. He can not apply for reinstatement either. He’s done as a lawyer. That won’t, of course, stop him from being a complete asshole or his ongoing mission from God against video games, but at least he can’t use the courts in his misguided campaign any more. Nor can he ego-boost himself by calling himself an attorney any more.

Jackhole, apparently, has 30 days before the disbarment goes into effect. The next 30 days should be a lot of fun. He’ll file a barrage of paperwork on all directions, no doubt.

Hoah that, Jackhole!



I saw this on the Internets. It’s a definition of a new word.

Buypartisan: A bill sponsored by politicians from both parties who are both being paid off

Strangely appropriate.


Magomed Yevloev, Russian human rights activist, killed by Ingushetia President, Murat Zyazikov

Magomed Yevloev was shot dead end of August by the Ingushetia Interior Ministry security personnel inside a police car after he was arrested at an airport.

Investigation into the murder has now revealed Mr. Yevloev was murdered by the order of Ingushetia President, Murat Zyazikov. An english translation by the Finnish Russian Civic Forum of a article regarding the investigation outlines the events that took place and people who participated in the murder.

Let’s see what happens next. As a former KGB agent the President is somewhat of a Putin favorite. Vlad the Emperor has thrown repeated compliments and decorations on Mr. Zyazikov.

One thing is for sure. Relatives of Mr. Yevloev wowed to avenge the murder by going after the perpetrators and their families. Attacks against the President’s family have already taken place. It would be encouraging if those responsible for murders of Russian civil rights activists, such as Mr. Yevloev, would, for once, be held accountable for their crimes in a Russian court of law.


The Finnish Valtiollinen Poliisi (VALPO) cooperated with Nazi Germany in genocide

Oula Silvennoinen, a PHd. student in the Helsinki University, has released his PHd. thesis on the cooperation of the Finnish and German security police during WW II.

Allying with the Nazi Germany in WW II is a particularly delicate subject in Finnish history. The political consensus in the country is that Finland was forced to strike a deal with Germany, because there were no other allies out there when Soviet Union attacked Finland. The Finns have always taken solace in believing the alliance was out of necessity and that we didn’t participate in the monstrosities of genocide with Nazi Germany.

According to Oula Silvennoinen’s thesis that, however, seems to be pure fantasy. He’s claiming that the Finnish Valtiollinen Poliisi (VALPO) – roughly equivalent to FBI – together with their German counterpart formed a special unit called Einsatzkommando Finnland. The unit’s mission was to destroy perceived ideological and racial enemies on the northernmost part of the German Eastern Front.

The northernmost part of German Eastern Front means Northern Finland (Lappland) and ideological and racial enemies means jewish and soviet people.

Mr. Silvennoinen’s thesis claims that Finnish police forces took active part in mass murder of jewish and soviet people during the lifetime of the police unit.

So much for being the unwilling partner in crime. This is truly the most shameful moment in Finnish history. It’s even more shameful because this information is just now coming to public. None of the murderers were, to anyone’s knowledge, ever convicted of their crimes. It is, of course, too late now since all potential war criminals would have passed away by now.


Blood feuds in full effect in Ingushetia

Ingushetia, a small federal subject of Russia located next to Ossetia, has seen a lot of upheaval in recent weeks. Ever since the murder or accidental killing, depending on who you ask, of Magomed Yevloev violence in the area has been escalating.

Mr. Yevloev’s killing has been blamed on the Interior Minister and President of Ingushetia. Mr. Yevloev’s relatives swore to avenge his killing by killing anyone involved, including the President and the Interior Minister and their families. In recent weeks there have been attacks against President’s family, as well as others.

Looks like an escalating blood feud is taking place in Ingushetia.


Endangering life of a toddler is a “training opportunity” to Bed, Bath & Beyond

I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to corporate communication and don’t usually flinch no matter what bullshit the professional spinsters come out with.

Bed, Bath and Beyond takes the PR spinning to a whole another level in regards to a recent incident that played out in their store.

Some moron had left their 3-year-old baby locked inside a car in scorching weather. A customer asked if she could call 911 from Bed, Bath and Beyond. For some unexplained reason the store employees refused. A 911 call was made by some other means.

When contacted about the incident, Bed, Bath and Beyond had this to say:

Blah blah blah blah…We are pleased that the manner was addressed in a timely manner and will use this incident as a training opportunity. blah blah blah…

Isn’t that just lovely. Way to address the issue by completely ducking responsibility.

Update: Local authorities are looking into if Bed, Bath and Beyond broke any laws by refusing to call the police. The article also has a great quote from the BB&B staff:

They said store clerks refused, saying it was against its policy to get involved with parking-lot incidents, Bowe said.

Boggles the mind.


What are the Republicans really saying?

Lindsey Graham is an awful speaker. There’s no rhythm to his speech, his gesturing looks rehearsed and the message sounds phony, because it’s delivered like he’s reading it from the prompter rather than speaking to a crowd.

Nevertheless there was one gem in his RNC speech yesterday. I don’t think he or the Republicans really understood what they’re saying though.

Check his speech on YouTube from 5:45 to 5:55.

Here’s a transcript of those 10 seconds:

Let there be no — let there be no doubt about it. We are on the road to victory.

Victory! You can say it at this convention. We are winning!

Pretty usual posturing that has no basis in reality, but the really golden moment came right after he paused for applause. On the gigantic screen behind him they were showing the tombstones of American soldiers in Arlington Cemetery. A screenshot is posted above.

Yes, we are winning, indeed.


Thanks Verizon – you so rock

I dropped Time Warner Cable and their sucky RoadRunner Internet service at the first opportunity to get Verizon FIOS.

I got the 20/20 Internet service. That thing totally rocks. Faster than anything. No lag anywhere, online gaming is once again working flawlessly no matter what else I do over the net connection.

We also got the phone service, and later the FIOS TV service.

This is when things started going south.

The first thing that happened is that Verizon completely messed up our bill. What should’ve been something like $65 / month bill (we didn’t have TV service at first) was $305 USD on the first bill.

It turns out Verizon charged us for the router when it should’ve been free. Then they double billed us for the Internet account, once for the 20/5 service that belongs in the Double Freedom internet/phone bundle, and once for the 20/20 service we actually had. Two hours on the phone and the bill was adjusted. Great use of our time. Next month the same thing happened. Two more hours on the phone. Let’s see what happens on the third bill that’s yet to come. We currently have something like $150 credit on the account. I don’t, for a moment, believe that’s accurate.

Next thing Verizon screwed up was the FIOS TV installation. We had the extreme pleasure of getting an installation date on the same day the Verizon FIOS workers were threatening to strike. Eventually there was no strike, but that didn’t prevent the installation crews from walking out on their jobs on the day of our installation date. Nobody bothered to call us that they weren’t working that day, so we waited the entire day for the crews to arrive. Thanks Verizon. Really, really appreciated that.

Verizon then further screwed us up by rescheduling the installation date over two weeks forward. I missed almost the entire Olympics due to that. Really, really appreciated that, too.

Sometime this week, most likely yesterday, someone at Verizon decided that I didn’t really need that 20/20 Internet connection I was already paying for, and dropped it to a 20/5 connection. Gee, thanks guys. That’s so f***ing awesome.

I haven’t had time to call about that one yet, but I’m sure it’ll be an interesting conversation and I’m 100% sure as a result our bill we be even MORE screwed up.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also noticed this Tuesday that none of my mail is coming through to I use a forwarding account that allows me to keep a very easy to remember Email address no matter which Internet Service Provider I use. I simply forward all email sent to that address to my current Email address, and I don’t have to let anyone know that my Email address ever changed. I’ve had the forwarding account since 1996. It works like a charm. That is, until Verizon decides to bitbucket all email sent to that address delivered to my account. Even worse, they’re not bouncing the emails, but silently dropping them, so nobody has any idea that email sent to me is not getting through. Email sent directly to my account or routed via different forwarders is working perfectly fine. This one I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fucking appreciate.

Update: And when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I couldn’t have been more wrong. My wife calls me at noon from home to inform me the Internet is down. Fine, it happens, the routers have hiccups. She calls again in an hour and says TV, phone and Internet is down. Yep, we have no service whatsoever at the moment. I can’t WAIT to hear the explanation to this one. There’s a Verizon tech coming to see why the ONT (the FIOS box in our home that hooks the house to Verizon’s fiber optic network) is blinking FAIL by 6pm today. Let’s see if he turns up and let’s see how long it actually takes to fix this. I’m guessing early next week.

Update 2: The ONT failure has been fixed and our home has FIOS service again. Apparently someone had come and done some work in the neighborhood where our ONT box connects to the Verizon fiber optic network, unplugged our connection and plugged it back into a wrong plug. That’s what the Verizon tech who came to fix it told my wife. Nice work guys! Let’s see what happens next.