John Q Sr.

James Richard Verone, 59, is sick. He’s also unemployed, which means he has no health insurance.

He decided to do something about the situation, so in the morning of June 9th he walked into a bank, robbed it for $1, sat down on a chair and waited for the cops to come and arrest him.

He’s now entitled to free healthcare in the county jail he’s held while he’s waiting for his day in court. He’s refusing to post bail, because he wouldn’t receive healthcare if he did.

This is how healthcare works in the US. Free markets in full effect. It seems like enterprising individuals like Mr. Verone are figuring out how to play the game, too. Well done.


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  • Healthcare in the US is far from a free market. It is in fact a government supported oligopoly. Companies are restricted from competing interstate, and employer paid policies are supported via tax deductions, which has the effect of inflating prices and making non-employer provided health insurance unaffordable. Fixing those two points would be step in the right direction.

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