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Attack ads are nothing new

The nastiness this election season has nothing over the nastiness during the 1800 election campaign season.


Cash4Gold == Pennies4Gold

Cash4Gold, famous for cheesy commercials and lowball offers, is sueing two ex-employees, Consumerist.com and ComplaintBoard.com, because it feels like telling the truth about their business practises is somehow not appropriate.

They are also trying to game Google search results, unsuccessfully, to hide the fact that they’re sleezy. There’s no chance in hell Cash4Gold will succeed.


Best car related ad. Evar.

I’m not a big Ferrari fan due to their arrogance on the Formula One racing series over the years, but you can’t deny Ferrari’s place at the top of the pyramid in automobile history. This upcoming TV commercial featuring several Ferrari formula one cars advertising Shell is another instant classic. Enjoy.