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Oh Bushy, you make mocking you so easy sometimes

Quoting our Supreme Leader, Uniter of 49%, Chief Political Commissar of The Party:

Now the question is, should these lawsuits be allowed to proceed, or should any company that may have helped save American lives be thanked for performing a patriotic service; should those who stepped forward to say we’re going to help defend America have to go to the courthouse to defend themselves, or should the Congress and the President say thank you for doing your patriotic duty? I believe we ought to say thank you.

Yes. We should thank companies breaking the law. Are you fucking kidding me!?

As another blog said about this. Get out of office already, will you? Please. I’ll pay you…in illegal counterfeit money.

How did this dumbass ever get into Yale AND Harvard never mind graduating from both places?


George Bush doesn’t care about children

It’s one thing to play the idelogical chess game while jousting for power in Washington, but to do that with the lifes of children is a whole another thing.

George Bush has vetoed a bill that would’ve expanded healthcare coverage on children predominanently from poor families. You know, maybe Kanye West was onto something after all with his juvenile commentary on live TV.

George Bush’es neo-con bullshit, however, has attracted the ire from several Governors of US States. They are sueing him because of it. It seems as if simply refusing the sign bills supported by both parties is not enough, he’s also introduced several new restrictions that disallow the states to come up with their own plans to expand healthcare options of children.

I continue to wonder why poor people in this country continue to support George Bush and the ideology of the Republicans when, again, it’s hitting the poorest people in the country the hardest.


Presidential Signing Statements

President Bush has apparently attached a signing statement into a new Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. The signing statement allows Bush to open postal mail without a warrant even though the law was written to enhance the constitutional protections of postal mail. It appears Bush has signed the law with a statement that directly contradicts the law itself.

This is nothing new to our Emperor, of course. During the five first years in office George W. Bush had written 807 signing statements. That’s more than all previous presidents combined. And up from 140 during the 8 years Bill Clinton was the president.


In Soviet US – you are a terrorist

Yay for warrantless wiretaps. Hip hip hurray!


The US President violated the US Constitution

A Federal Judge has ruled the NSA warrantless wiretapping unconstitutional and snapped President Bush on the fingers by stating:

The president of the United States … has undisputedly violated the Fourth in failing to procure judicial orders.

Not even Emperor Bush is above the law.


In Soviet US the Government spies on you, pt II

USA Today has managed to find out more about NSA’s domestic spying program.

Turns out our fearless leader, Chairman George Bush, lied to us again. In his radio address last December he said he’d authorized the NSA to capture international communication between terrorist suspects. He specifically said only international communication, i.e. calls coming in from abroad or going abroad, are spied on, as if that makes spying on your own citizens any better. He also implied that the spying program was only listening in on terrorist suspects.

Either his definition of terrorist suspect is a little vague, and includes every US resident, NSA went outside of their mandate or Bush is lying through his teeth.

As the USA Today information reveals the NSA has been collecting information about EVERY phonecall made in the United States. All calls. Not just international calls or calls made or received by terrorist suspects. Every single call.

With the help of telecommunications companies the NSA has been collecting information about US residents’ phonecalls for years. Citing legal implications only QWest has refused to comply with NSA’s request to hand over call information. AT&T, Verizon and Bellsouth are happily letting the Government spy on you with no warrants in sight.

When will the Government stop lying to you? After the next election?


The White House credibility problem

Here we go. Scott McClellan “resigns”, Karl Rove is reassigned.

Sure, both of them had a credibility problem outside of the White House, but at least in the case of Scott McClellan, he was forced into that position by his boss.

Too bad you can’t reassign the president or the vice president. That’s where the credibility problems stem from after all.


RIAA says the US President is a criminal

I can hardly wait till RIAA sues George Bush.

Pitting George Bush against the RIAA Settlement Support Center folks would be very entertaining.


George Bush caught lying or being a dumbass, or both

The Associated Press today released a video taped Katrina hurricane readiness planning meeting before the hurricane hit New Orleans. In attendance were among others President George Bush and FEMA Director Michael Brown.

During the meeting several experts gave clear warnings what was about to happen. FEMA Director Michael Brown is seen and heard expressing many concerns that would ultimately get realized. He was clearly stating that New Orleans was not appropriately prepared.

George Bush, on the other hand, reassures the audience that the Federal Government is “fully prepared” to help the local governments during the storm and with the aftermath. Actual events indicate he was either lying through his teeth or didn’t know any better, in which case he was just pulling things out of his ass.

Four days later he’s interviewed by ABC News and tells the interviewer could anticipate the scope of the storm. THAT is an outright lie. Or he’s suffering from a very bad case of short term memory loss.

And yet we have people who still trust this baboon. Incredible.


The Bush Administration is improving communications

Just three hours to inform the President of a serious incident on American soil. This is certainly an improvement over the communications disasters during Katrina.

I wonder if Dick Cheney’s vacation home was in New Orleans how fast the word about the levees breaking would’ve reached the White House.