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Gizmodo declares war on RIAA

Popular gadget blog Gizmodo has declared March 2007 as the Boycott RIAA month.

Their article titled Gizmodo’s Anti-RIAA Manifesto explaining the reasons for the boycott is an excellent summary of all things wrong with the RIAA.


Sony pirating software

Apparently Sony’s rootkit DRM software contains a statically linked version of the lame mp3 decoder. Lame is licensed under the LGPL license, which would typically only allow this sort of reuse if the application using lame would also be released under LGPL, or Sony bought a non-LGPL license from the authors of lame.

It’s highly unlikely Sony did either.

So here we have a company trying to protect their products from being pirated using pirated software. Oh the irony!


Sony in the virus manufacturing business

The first trojan to exploit Sony’s wonderful DRM scheme has been spotted in the wild. Some enterprising virus writer sent spam overnight with a modified trojan that takes advantage of Sony’s DRM security holes.

Apparently the trojan was coded in too much of a hurry because it’s not working as intended. Nothing’s preventing someone from doing a better job at it though.

More information about the trojan by Sophos


Rootkits are a-ok by Sony

NPR recently interviewed Thomas Hesse, president of Sony BMG’s Global Digital Business division, regarding the DRM scheme Sony BMG is using on some of their music CDs.

Mr. Hesse had this to say about their rootkits:

“Most people I think don’t even know what a root kit is so why should they care about it”

That comment shows a complete lack of understanding regarding computer security issues. It’s not “most people” you have to worry about, it’s the bad actors, who are the ones who WOULD know about exploiting the security hole created by Sony. “Most people”, precisely because they don’t know what a rootkit is, would never know how to protect themselves against exploits helped by Sony’s cluelessness.

Here’s further evidence of Sony’s cluelessness. Mark Curtis’ daughter bought a Sony BMG music cd from Walmart. The CD does not play on any music player, including stereo equipment, the family owns. The DRM software is causing the family computer to BSOD immediately after bootup. Walmart is refusing a refund. Sony is saying to install a patch to get rid of the DRM program. How would one do that, if the computer doesn’t boot up any more?