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Just say no to EA

You know, every time I start thinking EA might’ve done the right thing and I’m considering taking them off my shitlist, they do something so completely boneheaded you have to wonder if all their people have sold their souls to the devil.

This time, instead of f***ing their employees, they’re f***ing their customers. That’s not really new to EA, but the way they’re doing it this time is pretty incredible.

Battlefield 2142, a new shooter game from EA, is accompanied by a piece of spyware that scans your PC for your browsing activity and “other computing habits”, whatever the hell that means, and then send all that data to EA. You can not play the game without installing that piece of software on your computer.


Today’s best bad idea pt II

Not content on charging gamers $60 every 12 months for a roster update, EA Sports and ESPN are putting up a preview video of their upcoming Madden 07 video game on pay-per-view TV for $20 per pop.

That’s, like, so rad kewl.

If anyone who’s not stoned or underage or both is willing to pay for watching a 60-minute advertisement, I’d be very surprised. But you can’t fault EA for trying. After all Greed Is Good ™.


I knew there was a reason why I hated Electronic Arts

I have a love/hate relationship with Electronic Arts (EA).

I’m an avid gamer. Have been so since my teenage years, over 20 years ago. I especially enjoy sports games.

I used to own a Sega Genesis – or Sega Megadrive as it was called in Europe – when it was the height of video gaming universe. It’s around that time when EA started their long running sports game franchises based on the professional sports in the United States. Their hockey games on the Sega Genesis were especially good. I bought almost every version they published, and they published one every year. Allowance money was gone very quickly on those games.

Fast forward to XBox and XBox Live! times. Well, EA decided not to grace us mere mortals with games that would play on XBox Live! That didn’t sit too well with most of us, and by this time Sega’s ESPN sport franchise games had caught up or in some cases surpassed the quality of the EA games. I was happy to flip the finger at EA, and put my money on Sega’s games. This decision was made even easier when Sega decided to drop the price on all of their 2K5 games to $19.99, online play and all.

Now someone married to an EA employee posted a long article about the despicable working conditions EA is forcing on their employees. Read the story, it’s quite amazing, although familiar to most of us who at some point have worked for a publicly traded mega corp, how EA, which is by far the most successful and profitable game publisher out there, can treat their employees so badly.

You would think EA could afford to spend some of the roughly $1.85B they make in gross profit for the benefit of their hard working employees.