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Kimi Räikkönen – Formula One World Champion 2007

Kimi Räikkönen today became the third Finn to win a Formula One World Championship. The other two are Keke Rosberg (1982), and two-time champion Mika Häkkinen (1998, 1999).

The Kimster won the championship despite seemingly unsurmountable obstacles having been 7 points behind the championship leader Lewis Hamilton, and 3 points behind Fernando Alonso. The Iceman had 100 points, Fernando Alonso 103 points and Lewis Hamilton 107 points before the final race. Not only that, but he started 3rd on the starting grid behind Lewis Hamilton and in front of Fernando Alonso.

In the race results Kimi was first gaining 10 points, Alonso third gaining 6 points, and Hamilton 7th gaining 2 points.

The final championship points are:

Kimi: 110 points
Hamilton: 109 points
Alonso: 109 points

Kimi is the World Champion by 1 point!

Finally his bad luck is gone. He’s been constantly the fastest racer on the track for the past 3 years, but reliability problems with his cars has kept him from winning the world championship until now.

Congratulations Kimi!


Timbaland to produce video game music for Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games, a controversial video games developer behind the Grand Theft Auto series of games, has teamed up with Timbaland to produce music for their upcoming PlayStation Portable game, Beaterator.

How cool is that!?

I wonder if Timbaland is going to use music he stole from others in this game?


Timbaland is a thief

When Janne Suni (aka Tempest) composed his Acidjazzed Evening song for Assembly 2000, one of the largest demo scene gatherings in the world, he probably didn’t think his contest winning tune would make even bigger news in 2006.

It appears Timbaland, a rather successful hip hop/rnb producer, thought Janne’s tune was kinda good as well, as he’s “borrowed” the melody and 16 bars of a Commodore 64 version of Janne’s tune in, at least, two songs that he’s produced.

Another demo scene composer, Glenn Rune Gallefoss (aka GRG) produced a Commodore 64 (Janne’s was made on an Amiga computer) version of Janne’s tune after the contest with permission from Janne. This is the version of the tune that’s blatantly copied into Timbaland’s songs. One of the songs, “Do It” by Nelly Furtado, is included in Nelly Furtado’s latest album that has sold 2.5M copies. The copyright belongs to Janne and Glenn.

Follow the original article to find out more about this blatant copyright violation by a RIAA recording artist. Not a word from Timbaland or his record label about this issue during the four months since the issue was uncovered.

Update 3/14/2007: Timbaland has since commented on his theft. An MTV reporter asks him about it at the end of an interview about other unrelated stuff, and Timbaland has the gall to completely dismiss the whole thing and make it sound like some sort of an ego trip thing:

“It makes me laugh,” he said. “The part I don’t understand, the dude is trying to act like I went to his house and took it from his computer. I don’t know him from a can of paint. I’m 15 years deep. That’s how you attack a king? You attack moi? Come on, man. You got to come correct. You the laughing stock. People are like, ‘You can’t be serious.’ “

He’s also calling the accusations “foolish”. Looks like all the fame and fortune has thoroughly gone to his head. Hypocrite thief. You got caught fair and square and your posturing and ego stroking is not gonna change that. Do the right thing and pay up, thief.


Finnish-Russian Citizen’s Forum established

I’m proud to report news about the birth of the Finnish-Russian Citizen’s Forum by a group of human rights activists from Finland and Russia. Founding members include, among others, a Finnish Member of Parliament and my brother.

The press release about forming the organization follows.



A group of persons worried about the development of democracy and the state of human rights in Russia has established a non-governmental organisation, Finnish-Russian Citizens’ Forum.

The organisation’s aim is to “promote cooperation between citizens and different peoples in Finland and the Russian Federation by supporting non-governmental organisations in their effort to strengthen democracy, human rights, and freedom of speech in Russia”.

The murder of the Russian journalist and civil rights activist, Ms Anna Politkovskaya, acted as a catalyst for establishing the Citizens’ Forum. This sad event served to consolidate cooperation between people concerned about Russia’s current development, prompting several appeals, public discussions, and demonstrations in autumn 2006.

The Citizens’ Forum supports Russian non-governmental organisations, which are now facing difficulties in their work due to Russia’s new draconian law on NGOs. The Citizens’ Forum will invite representatives of Russian organisations to Finland, organise visits to Russia, and distribute information about the situation in Russia.

The Citizens’ Forum will soon open its web site at www.finrosforum.fi.

The Chairperson of the Finnish-Russian Citizens’ Forum is Ms Heidi Hautala, MP (The Greens). The organisation’s Deputy Chairman is Mr Jukka Mallinen, Chairman of the Finnish PEN Club. The Citizens’ Forum has a nine-member Board. Mr Mikael Storsjö, entrepreneur, serves as the board’s Secretary, and Ms Iida Simes, producer, as the Board’s spokesperson.

The name of the new organisation translates into Swedish as “Finsk-ryska medborgarforumet”, and its domicile is in Helsinki. The Citizens’ Forum carries an unofficial name in Russian: “Finsko-rossiyskiy grazhdanskiy forum”.

The founding members of the Finnish-Russian Citizens’ Forum are:

Rolf Büchi, Nils-Erik Friis, Anu Harju, Heidi Hautala, Frank Johansson, Pekka Koponen, Henrik Lax, Laura Lodenius, Anna-Stiina Lundqvist, Jukka Mallinen, Elisabeth Nordgren, Theresa Norrmén, Kerkko Paananen, Marja Pulkkinen, Elina Rahimova, Ville Ropponen, Iida Simes, Anni Sinnemäki, Mikael Storsjö.

More information:

Ms Heidi Hautala, Chairperson
+358 50 511 3129

Mr Jukka Mallinen, Deputy Chairman
+358 9 135 2791

Ms Iida Simes, spokesperson
+358 40 720 5985

Mr Mikael Storsjö, Secretary
+358 41 524 2373

Israel let off the hook for murdering UN peacekeepers

An expert group assembled to investigate the murder of Finnish peacekeeper Jarno Tapio Mäkinen in Khiam, Lebanon on July 25th 2006 has completed its report and handed it over to the Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen today.

They concluded the attack on the United Nations base did result from an error and that there is no evidence of it being done intentionally.

The expert group asked followup questions from both the United Nations and Israel. None of the questions were answered.

One has to assume one of those questions would’ve been why did Israel continue shelling the UN base after the United Nations repeatedly asked them to stop. In fact reports indicate they continued shelling the area even when a separate United Nations group came in to recover the bodies from the bunker.

Apparently the root cause for the error was errors in manually entered target coordinates and outdated or missing information about the location of the UN base in the area.

Before the precision guided bomb hit the base, the peacekeepers in the base had reported Israeli grenade launchers had four direct hits on the base. The information was relayed to the Israelis, but they continued shelling the area eventually leading into the release of the precision guided bomb that hit the base.

I’ve written about the Khiam murders before:
Israel murders Jarno Tapio Mäkinen, a Finnish UN peacekeeper, in Khiam, Lebanon


Kimi Räikkönen going to Ferrari

Formula 1 Championship, here we come!

Kimi’s been robbed of one championship already by McLaren’s reliability problems. Forza Ferrari!


Israel murders Jarno Tapio Mäkinen, a Finnish UN peacekeeper, in Khiam, Lebanon

The Israeli army murdered 4 UN peacekeepers on Tuesday July 25th in Khiam, Lebanon by dropping a precision-guided bomb on their bunker. Before dropping the lethal bomb on their heads, the Israelis had been shelling their area for more than six hours getting closer and closer to the UN post the peacekeepers were occupying. The post had been there for years making it impossible for the Israelis not to have known it was there.

The Israeli artillery was firing within 150 metres of the UN post while the UN peacekeepers were calling the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) repeatedly informing the IDF they were firing upon UN peacekeepers and asking them to stop. The killing blow came from a precision-guided bomb, which by definition had to have been targeting the very bunker the UN peacekeepers were in despite knowing the UN peacekeepes were in it.

The Israelis say Hezbollah has been using the Khiam area to launch rockets into Israel justifying shelling the entire area into smithereens. The Israeli policy is apparently to carpet bomb areas where Hezbollah is operating from without consideration of who else is inhabiting said areas. No wonder people outside of Israel (and US) are not too keen on the latest Israeli offensive against Lebanon.

The Israeli response to the attack has been two-fold. While Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed “deep regret” over the attack, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni basically stated (paraphrased) “tough cookies, people die in a war”.

As expected, the United States backed Israel by blocking a UN Security Council resolution condemning the attack.

One of the UN peacekeepers killed in the attack is a 29-year old Finnish lieutenant captain Jarno Tapio Mäkinen from Turku.


At least someone in the Finnish Parliament has balls

Heidi Hautala, she’s female, btw, caused a somewhat of a scandal earlier today in Finland when she spoke during Parliament’s centenary session as a representative of the Green Party.

She riled against the current Russian administration saying the Russian Duma has reverted to the tsar-dominated pre-1905 situation. She also encouraged Russia to honor basic human rights, rule of law and democratic values.

Too bad the speech didn’t come from some of the representatives of parties currently in power in Finland. They were, as usual, too busy apologizing to the Russians for what Ms. Hautala had said.

Helsingin Sanomat, the leading newspaper in Finland, reports on Heidi Hautala’s speech.

Given all that’s happening to Finno-Ugric people in Russia, I say this speech was long overdue and should’ve been given at the Russian Duma.

I’ve written about the Russian human rights violations before:
The IHF issues a stinging report on human rights situation in the Republic of Mari El
Mari-El activists still persecuted in Russia
The people of Mari being systematically persecuted by Russians


Lordi wins!

The Finnish entry for the Eurovision song contest by a flamboyant heavy metal band Lordi decimated the competition today.

They received an all-time record number of votes in an Eurovision contest: 292.

Go Finland! :)


Assat.com crashes after the overtime win

This is what I’m getting trying to access the official website for Pori Ässät at the moment:

500 Servlet Exception

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Resin-3.0.17 (built Thu, 22 Dec 2005 12:11:34 PST)