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Mikael Granlund SCORES!


Finland wins the semi-final match against Russia in the 2011 IIHF World Championships 3 – 0.

Mikael Granlund scores the first goal of the match with an INCREDIBLE indoor bandy move.



Arto “Java” Javanainen, 1959 – 2011.

My childhood hero, a Finnish ice hockey legend and the best hockey player my hometown hockey team has ever had passed away today at the age of 51.

He holds a number of records in the Finnish hockey league. Here’re a few of them:

Most goals: 462
Most hattricks: 39
Most play-off goals: 38
Most goals in a season: 47

He played 668 matches in 17 regular seasons and had 462 goals and 330 passes for a total of 792 points, which is the 2nd highest points of all time. He had 99 matches with 3 points or more. He scored 6 goals against Helsingin Jokerit October 17th 1985.

Thank you for the memories, Java!


Finns are mad for ice hockey

The Ice Hockey World Championships are in progress again and Finland’s been doing quite well so far. They’re undefeated.

A New York Times blog about ice hockey featured the personification of Finnish ice hockey madness, TV sports commentator Antero Mertaranta. He may be mad, but he’s mad in exactly the right sort of way to be the perfect ice hockey commentator.

Se on siinä!


Assat.com crashes after the overtime win

This is what I’m getting trying to access the official website for Pori Ässät at the moment:

500 Servlet Exception

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Resin-3.0.17 (built Thu, 22 Dec 2005 12:11:34 PST)


Ässät WINS!

At 2:03 in the first overtime, Ässät scores the winning goal!!!

Incredible!!! Listening at the radio broadcast, the hockey rink went absolutely wild after the goal.

Now, let’s take the home game advantage away in the next game!


Ässät kick ass!

2nd game in the finals series.

HPK, the opposing team, scores a goal to take a one-goal lead at 1:10 to go in the final period. Game is done.

Not so quick! Ässät comes back and scores a goal to tie the game at 4 – 4 at 34 seconds to go in the game.


The game is going into overtime right now.

Let’s go Ässät!!! Let’s go Ässät!!! Let’s go Ässät!!!


Ässät!! Ässät!! Ässät!! Ässät!!


I wonder if Ässät sells package deals for the finals with flights from New York 🙂


Ässät – so close!

4th semi-final game is 3 – 1 for Ässät after 2 periods.

20 more minutes!


Ässät from victory to victory

Two wins! Next win takes Ässät to the finals.



My hometown hockey team is kicking ass for the first time in years!

The first semi-final game was against the defending champions at their home arena, and the visiting team, the allmighty Porin Ässät won 3 – 1!!!!

Two more wins and Ässät are in the finals!