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Lewis Hamilton doesn’t know if he ruined Kimi Raikkonen’s race

The Canadian Formula One Grand Prix was interesting to say the least. Lewis Hamilton decides to become color blind approaching a red light at the pit exit and rams Kimi Raikkonen’s car taking both of them out of the race.

Says Lewis Hamilton after the race:

I apologise to Kimi if I ruined his race.

Way to go spinmeister! There are no ifs about it. He did ruin Kimi’s race.

Good luck in Magny Cours. I hope one of those backmarkers you’re starting with pushes you around a little.


Kimi Räikkönen – Formula One World Champion 2007

Kimi Räikkönen today became the third Finn to win a Formula One World Championship. The other two are Keke Rosberg (1982), and two-time champion Mika Häkkinen (1998, 1999).

The Kimster won the championship despite seemingly unsurmountable obstacles having been 7 points behind the championship leader Lewis Hamilton, and 3 points behind Fernando Alonso. The Iceman had 100 points, Fernando Alonso 103 points and Lewis Hamilton 107 points before the final race. Not only that, but he started 3rd on the starting grid behind Lewis Hamilton and in front of Fernando Alonso.

In the race results Kimi was first gaining 10 points, Alonso third gaining 6 points, and Hamilton 7th gaining 2 points.

The final championship points are:

Kimi: 110 points
Hamilton: 109 points
Alonso: 109 points

Kimi is the World Champion by 1 point!

Finally his bad luck is gone. He’s been constantly the fastest racer on the track for the past 3 years, but reliability problems with his cars has kept him from winning the world championship until now.

Congratulations Kimi!


Kimi Räikkönen going to Ferrari

Formula 1 Championship, here we come!

Kimi’s been robbed of one championship already by McLaren’s reliability problems. Forza Ferrari!