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MPAA sued by TorrentSpy.com

Valence Media, the parent company which owns TorrentSpy.com, has sued MPAA claiming they hired someone for $15,000 USD to hack into TorrentSpy.com servers and steal confidential information about TorrentSpy.com. Financial records, internal Email correspondence and IT infrastructure documents are among the information Valence Media claims to have been stolen.

What I don’t understand is why Valence Media is going about this with a civil suit. Unauthorized computer access and industrial espionage are criminal offenses.

MPAA, meet kettle. It’s black alright.


Come uppance is a biatch

The article describes Mr. Stewart Woodworth’s battle against Sprint, whose collection department’s phone number is one digit off of his business cellphone number. People get calling to beg him from disconnecting their Sprint service for unpaid bills. Sprint refused to take care of changing his or their number and the costs of all those misdialed incoming calls. Read the article to find out what he did to “expedite” the issue.

Wouldn’t it just have been easier for Sprint to do what’s right instead of what’s cheaper (short term)?

Greed is good?