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Spammer in the slammer. Good news.

Christopher “Rizzler” Smith  has been convicted to 30 years in prison for nine charges of conspiracy, illegal distribution of drugs, money laundering and operating a “continuing criminal enterprise.”

Up yours, spammer scum!


Up yours, spammer scum

Christopher “Rizzler” Smith has been found guilty of conspiracy and illegal distribution of prescription medications.

I believe he still has to stand trial for trying to arrange threatening and/or killing witnesses in this trial. Nobody ever said spammers are smart.

May you rot in jail forever, Rizzler!


Rot in jail, forever, spammer scum

Christopher “Rizzler” Smith is not the smartest cookie around, that’s for sure.

Rizler set up a fake pharmacy online, spammed like crazy to drum up business, got shut down by the FBI, ran to Dominican Republic after being released on bail, then came back to the United States, got arrested at the airport and has been in the slammer ever since.

While in jail this genius decides to use the jail phone to call an associate to arrange stalking and possibly harming witnesses in his coming trial. Who would’ve thunk the jail phones might be tapped. Apparently not him.

For this amazing achievement in spammer stupidity he’s likely to serve a very, very long prison sentence. The maximum sentence for jury tampering is life in prison.

Lube up, spammer scum.

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