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Up yours, spammer scum – for 8 years

Scott Levine, a career spammer and criminal, gets 8 years in the slammer for breaking into a data broker company Acxiom’s servers and stealing their data for spamming.

Scott Levine was running a spamhaus called snipermail.com.

The difference between him and what Axciom is doing is, of course, purely academic, as Acxiom has already stolen your data and is abusing it in exactly the same way spammers are. They just happen to have the politicians in their pockets a little better than spammers do.


Up yours, spammer scum pt II

Scott Levine, the scum behind spam empire snipermail.com, was convicted on 120 counts of unauthorized access to data, two counts of access device fraud and one count of obstruction of justice. He and his employees stole 1.6 billion customer records from Acxiom, a company whose business is to violate people’s privacy, and used the data to spam and inflate the size of snipermail.com’s contact database to make snipermail.com more attractive to buyers.

Maximum sentence is 640 years in prison and about $30M in fines.

Let’s hope the people sentencing him were victims of his spams.

The only negative side to the story is that Axciom, once again, gets away with basically peeing on people’s online privacy.