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Up yours, spammer scum

Scott Richter, general scumbag and one of the biggest spammers in the world, settled the lawsuit Microsoft filed against him for $7M USD.

While it’s a fair share less than the $40M or so sought by Microsoft in their suit, this is still a major victory over the parasites. Way to go Microsoft!

I’ve written about Scott Richter before


Scott Richter, a high volume email deployer aka spamming scum files for bankruptcy

Up yours, spammer scum.

Scott Richter, the biggest active spammer on the Internet, has filed for bankruptcy. He’s being bankrupted by a lawsuit filed by Microsoft. It’s the same lawsuit Snotty Scottie bragged about settling for pocket change when the lawsuit was filed. I guess it didn’t quite work that way. Too bad.

Richter is a career spammer, a type of a sociopath, and will never stop spamming unless forced to stop. Therefore he’s likely to continue spamming throughout and after the bankruptcy proceedings. The bankruptcy, however, will hopefully make running his spam empire more difficult and costly. That’s about the best thing antispammers can hope for as far as these career scumbags go.

Being the conman [1] that he is, he’s probably hiding assets somewhere, maybe among his other businesses, which are just as spammy as OptInRealbig.


1. Some time after 9/11, Scottie spammed the world to promote a charity he was running that was to collect money towards a variety of 9/11 relief funds. There are NO records that he ever donated any of the money he collected to any of the relief funds. In fact, there are no records whatsoever about the campaign.