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Show CoCo in Finland!

Conan is not shown in Finland. The Tarja Halonen lookalike HAS to show in Finland. Do your part!


Attack ads are nothing new

The nastiness this election season has nothing over the nastiness during the 1800 election campaign season.


I’m with Coco!

I’m with Coco!

Down with NBC!


You can’t beat a Finn in sauna

Check out a brilliant Mercedez Benz TV commercial featuring Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso competing against each other on and off the track.

They’re, however, playing second fiddle to Mika Hakkinen where it really counts…in the sauna.


Best car related ad. Evar.

I’m not a big Ferrari fan due to their arrogance on the Formula One racing series over the years, but you can’t deny Ferrari’s place at the top of the pyramid in automobile history. This upcoming TV commercial featuring several Ferrari formula one cars advertising Shell is another instant classic. Enjoy.


Charge Nancy Grace with murder

Melinda Duckett, a mother of a missing two-year-old, was interviewed by Nancy Grace, one of the attack hounds pretending to be TV journalists. Within 24 hours of the interview Melinda Duckett committed suicide. In the interview Ms. Grace came inches short of actually accusing her of killing her baby. In her usual style Ms. Grace was presuming her interviewee was guilty, just because Ms. Grace thought she was.

Melinda Duckett might’ve very well killed her baby, who knows. However, when an interviewer knows her interviewee has a history of suicide attempts and is already distressed, would it be wise to push as hard as Ms. Grace did?

It probably wouldn’t, but then Ms. Grace never has cared for anything other than her ratings, so it doesn’t really come as a great surprise to me she would recklessly endanger the life of Melinda Duckett.

I suppose she thinks she did a great service to the mankind for what she did. I’m sure she also thinks the guilty deserve anything they got coming to them. Too bad Melinda Duckett wasn’t found guilty by anyone else than Ms. Grace at this point.

Take Nancy Grace off the air, and arrest her for murdering Melinda Duckett.

Update: Melinda Duckett’s family is sueing CNN and Nancy Grace


The Today Show covers Steve Irwin’s death

The Crocodile Hunter Mr. Steve Irwin was killed earlier today while filming an underwater documentary. He’ll be missed.

There’s nobody who’s more enthuasiastic and passionate about wildlife and nature conservation than him. He was always great fun to watch even if you were terrified of the creatures he was wrestling with.

That’s what you would’ve expected to perhaps see in the news coverage of his death. How sadly mistaken I was. I briefly caught the morning news shows covering the news. I was disgusted by what I saw.

Pretty much all the major networks had decided to cover his death in the following manner:

20 second blurb stating he’d died and how. No elaboration, nothing, no word on how his family was doing or that he’d died doing what he loved.

The next few minutes were devoted not to telling about his lifework and his achievements. Naah, that would’ve apparently been much too boring. Instead all the major networks went onto showing people how Mr. Irwin in 2004 took his baby in an alligator pit while feeding the alligators. This was covered in length, as if it was the defining moment of his life. The Today Show went as far as to show almost the entire interview of Steve Irwin by Matt Lauer. In the interview Matt Lauer is practically ripping Mr. Irwin a new asshole. It was very confrontational.

Where is the respect, humility and decency in that?? Utterly despicable.

One wonders at what point did the NBC producers stop being human beings in favor of the neverending chase for ratings.


dickishness – dick-ish-ness

Watch the most brilliant Daily Show segment ever.

Main Entry: dick-ish-ness
Pronunciation: ‘dik-ish-n&s
Function: noun
: usually vulgar : an aura eminating from someone being a particularly dickheaded dick


Finland changes its name to Conelandia

Go King Conan!


Conan O’Brien for the President of Finland!

Go Conan!