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Up yours, spammer scum, pt erm

Peter Francis-Macrae aka Weaselboy was just convicted to 6 years in prison for fraud, making death threats, making threats to destroy or damage property, concealing criminal property and blackmail.

I’ve written about Weaselboy before.

It’s amazing how many spammers have criminal records.

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Up yours, spammer scum, again

A couple of spamming vermin are in trouble with the law again.

AG Reilly shuts down Internet spam gang websites

Leo Kuvayev and his cohorts based in Massachusetts spamming for their illegal online “pharmacy” business got pwned by the MA Attorney General to the tune of $37M.

Weaselboy’s online antics

Peter Francis-Macrae, otherwise known as Weaselboy, from St Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK thought it’d be a good idea to send death threats to people who stood up to him, threaten the .uk domain registry with a DDOS attack and even more amazingly joe-job the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire. For this Darwin Award deserving performance Weaselboy has been sitting in jail since December 2004.