Update: Looks like it really was Chase who called me. Damn phishers making everyone paranoid.

Today I’ve received two calls on my cellphone supposedly from 1-800-454-9078.

The automated call claims to be from Fraud Center at Chase and is asking me to verify information regarding my Chase PriorityClub credit card. The caller has my cellphone number and the last four digits of my credit card. I can only imagine what the caller wants to do with the data.

I use this credit card very seldom. In fact, I haven’t used it for months before yesterday. Someone, somewhere swiped my credit card information yesterday. Very interesting. I used the credit card on two online stores yesterday. Both supposedly VERY reputable. Either they, their credit card processing company of my PC have been hacked.

I don’t think it’s my PC, because I make purchases from it using other credit cards all the time, and I haven’t received similar phonecalls about my other credit cards before.

Let’s see what kind of payments will start appearing on my credit card this week.


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  • This can actually happen when the fraud center notices an irregular pattern of use. Like you said you haven’t used it in months and all of the sudden it rings up a sale. Also depending on the size of the sale the fraud center may receive red flags.

    You should try calling the 800 number back.

    While phone phishing is starting to occur more frequently this might be legit.

    Did they ask for stuff like SSN, etc.?

  • Good point.

    Maybe it really is Chase. And the transactions I made yesterday were kinda irregular: first time I used the card in about four months and for fairly large amounts as well.

    I think I’ll call the regular number on the credit card to find out for sure.

  • It was Chase. I got the same call with the same number. Searched the number on google (and thus found your post).

    My recommondation (and what I did) is NOT call the 800 number they left you. Call the 800 number on your credit card. If there is an issue, they will know. I did just this, they said, “yep, it was us, there was suspicious activity, is this transaction legit?” And it wasn’t, so now I get a fresh clean credit card.

    Chase rocks.

  • Same here. I didn’t call the suggested number (since it isn’t on Chase’s website), but called Chase directly. Unfortunately, there was a fraudulent activity. The compromised card is shredded already and the investigation is in process. There is a piece of advice, call Chase and check your account activities. The sooner, the better.

    Good luck!

  • Yep, it was Chase. I just got the same call and let it go to VM. I found this site right as I was listening to the VM they left.

    I use my card a lot, but I just used it to book flights for my honeymoon so it was a big purchase. Kinda annoying but kinda cool that they are checking such things…Now I’m just ansty to get my Amazon points!!

  • Great !
    I have been paranoid about this 1800 calling my cell and not leaving any messages…
    and when i call it just says credit card fraud center??

    thank you this post really helps

  • I HAD the same problem with Chase calling me 4-5 times a day and I don’t even have an account with them after 20 minutes of being on hold I finally got a phone # to stop the calls 800-637-9980 fraud dept ment good luck

  • Yes, this is a real number. I hate that when you call it brings you right to a recording but it is Chase.

  • Just had the same thing happen and called the number on the back of my card to make sure I was really calling Chase. Someone had a mad shopping spree in Manhattan (including a Metrocard from Brooklyn for the subway ride in) using my card number (both our cards were in our wallets in Connecticut, so we still don’t know how it was engineered). Chase knew within 6 hours that it wasn’t something I would have done, but the jerks ran up $2000 in 2 hours at Gap, Express and Duane Reade (how do you spend $300 at a drugstore?– prepaid giftcards!). Now we have to wait 10-14 days for new cards, but I’m amazed that they caught it so quickly. Still, I will continue to only call the number on the card if they leave a message– too many phish in the sea. laura

  • Yes. 1-800-454-9078 is part of the Chase operation. it is confirmed by Chase fraud department.
    But as always, when receiving calls such as this, you shall always call the number shown on your credit card to verify.
    I don’t need to give you that number because someone may start another verification process again….

  • I had the same thing happen to me this morning. Someone called claimimg to be Chase and started asking for name, mother’s maiden name, and other personal information. Right away I asked if there was a way I could get back to them as I didn’t want to give out my information on the phone.

    I called the number on the back of my card. Immediately they identified us as victims possible fraudulant activity. They took off the charges, intrestingly enough….the activity was also in Manhattan????

  • I just got this same call and it was my mistake by putting the wrong expiration year of my credit card when I was trying to buy online. Calling the number on the back of my credit card was the best advice from Taiman Jones. Chase straightened it out immediately and I will be more careful when I fill out the purchace forms. It is good to know you are all out there with the same experience and good solutions.

  • Yes, this number is Chase, and this website helped me figure that out. I got a message from them asking me to call back and verify suspicious account activity. I was very wary when I called back and you are asked to put in your 16 digit account number. But when I did get a hold of them, there was fradulent activity on my card, and I was issued a new card number immediately. I was glad they caught it before anything worse happened.

  • I just got a phone call from this same number, and everyone is right–it is Chase. I was pretty impressed that they caught all this so quickly. And they immediately took off all the charges, notified the credit bureaus, and canceled my account. Someone used my card at a bunch of online retailers–Yahoo, AOL, etc. I have NO idea how they got my number, because I rarely use this one in online transactions, and I haven’t used the actual card since October. Good thing Chase is so on top of things!

  • Just occurred to me. Called twice yesterday. However they told me my amazon.com Visa had activity on it. Funny thing is I don’t even have one. Never have. So somehow I’m assuming these guys got ahold of my info, opened an account and started spending. (Apparently tried to make an internet purchase and the rep I spoke to did provide the website they tried to purchase from. I can’t figure how it was caught so quickly. In any case, glad they did and given the responses on this site, that number appears to be valid. Point being, who do you call to confirm an alert like this IF you never had the credit card?

  • Gone through the same things as you, got the call, was suspicious, etc. However, I *do* have a Chase card and called the number on the back of the card. Two charges were made this morning that were NOT mine. Apprarently their AI software is so good that that was all it took to suggest that these purchases were not mine. They’re issuing me a new card. I’m amazed that they were able to catch it within a few hours. Impressive!

  • Yes, this is a valid Chase card number. This website was a great help for me to feel more comfortable about the strange way that Chase contacted me. I have NO idea how my number was gotten, as I only used this card maybe twice at least four months ago. Creepy!

  • Re: 800-454-9078 – this, most definitely, IS from Chase’s fraud unit. However, as a certified paranoid, I would suggest you do not answer any questions if the call is not a recording; don’t hit any numbers they ask you to hit if it is a recording and don’t call that number back; (Jesus, what a paranoid I am). Call, immediarely, the “Customer Service” telephone number on the back of the Chase card in question. Then YOU will be in control. Remember, with a $400 laptop, ANY number can be mimicked.

  • Yes, it is from Chase. I just received an automated call that gave this number, 1-800-454-9078 to call back. Instead of calling it, I called the number on the back of my credit card and it was indeed Chase warning me that many unauthorized charges were being made on my credit card! Just to be on the safe side, I would recommend always calling the number on the back of your card FIRST. You can never be too careful.

  • Same thing happened here. Voicemail on my cell then call to my work number about my card having suspicious activity. The caller id on both registered a 244 area code. No actual bad charges yet and they canceled the account immediately, so hopefully that is all. But still better to say you’ll call right back, then call the number on the back of the card, just to be safe.

  • I agree with all the above. I was very suspicious of the automated call. Checked the phone number given, found this site. Called the number on the back of my card and learned that there were two attempts to use my card in California. I live in Wisconsin. They closed my account and a new card is on its way. I check all my credit accounts on line at least once a month and through Fidelity Full View almost every day. Chase caught these charges before they even made it to my account transaction list. Good Job Chase!

  • Got the dreaded phone call today. Researched for a while and came to this site. The best advice was to clearly call the number on the back of my card, and I did. Easy to navigate automation (just smash zero when the voice comes on). Within 2 minutes I was talking to a fraud department representative who rattled off my charges for the day, which were all mine. No fraud, but damned if they aren’t effecient.

  • Gotta say while this post is old it was useful. Got the same recording, wrote down the number and searched for it on the Chase site. No dice!

    That’s when trusty old google brought me here and helped verify the number.

    I still called the number on the back of the card though 🙂

  • Got the call today and it was Chase checking up on some charges that I didn’t make. Called the number on the card and the fraud dept. closed the account and sent a new card. I’ll continue to use this card for this reason. Way to protect your coustomers Chase!!

  • Yep, the 1-800-454-9078 is Chase’s Fraud Center. Call the 1-800 on the back of the credit card ASP! Some how someone charged my credit card up thousands of dollars without me even knowing it! Scary! o.o

  • Received the recording today to call the 800 454 9078 but they only identified themselves as Credit Card Fraud and wanted my account number.

    Didn’t trust that at all, especially after reading in the paper yesterday about all the credit card numbers that were hacked in the US.

    So I called the number on the back of my card. They said it was a good idea to always call the number on the card. Well,there was an attempted charge of $250.00 today that Chase denied.

    Whew!! Thanks Chase!!

  • I just had the same thing happen, there was no way I was going to give my 16 digit account number to just anyone who calls and asks for it. I hung up and called the number on the back of my card and spoke with someone at the bank, verified the last four digits of the card and my social and they informed me that there were several charges from the Apple store and $150 for web hosting. I don’t have an Ipod or IPhone or do any web hosting so I said NO WAY, they closed the account immediately and told me they will send me a new card. While online I noticed my available balance had dropped as of yesterday and the bank told me there are more charges accruing. What a frightening deal, I never use the card except for emergency’s and I check my accounts online every day, I sure am glad I do and that I took the time to research the 1-800 number the calls were coming from. Thank you so much for your postings, my mind is now at ease.

  • I didn’t call the 800# they left on my voice mail, rather, I called the number on the back of the card. Turns out the charges were all fraudulent. This is my back-up credit card, so it is rarely used. I suspect the lack of normal activity drew their attention. In any case, they closed the account and a new card is on the way.

  • I rec’d the call tonight, returned the call to the Chase phone number on my statement. They had in fact tried to reach me tonight, but in this case there were two recent legitimate charges with Apple On-Line. I appreciate the follow up from Chase. Get to keep the same card … for now.

    Interesting to note, the lady did not confirm my identity beyond Name and last four digits. Anyone could pick that up off a fuel receipt, etc!

  • Chase customer and sucker

    Yes, 800-454-9078 is from Chase. I called them and they asked me about two charges that could be thought of as suspicious. I told them I made those charges and then they asked me whether I wanted to pay for them to send me text messages to my cell phone in the future should there be any other suspecious charges. I said no.

    I hate Chase. Sucker me in with a legit reason and then hit me up for more money.

  • This is legit, although I still called the number on the back of my card.

    I am very thankful they checked. I did NOT make these purchases!

  • I got the same call just now, and it is CHASE. They called about the online purchase of two computer games, which I have NEVER before purchased, since I am not a gamer. Though the charges were small $14.99 and $16.99, they saw it as suspicious, and called the 800 number. They immediately cancelled my account per my request. They are removing the charges, and I get a new card tomorrow. I must say, CHASE is on top of their game.

  • I received this call, but found the number very suspicious because nowhere on Chase.com is the number given at any point. I called the telephone number provided on the back of my credit card and I verified that 1-800-454-9078 is in fact a legitimate number. I also was able to remove the charges that weren’t mine ($0.01 at an escort service website and $9.49 at an online Mormon music store). I was very skeptical of this number, but it is in fact legitimate.

  • It is Chase. However, it still seems scam-like. A few months ago, I got a text asking me to confirm if I had made a charge in a specific dollar amount on a specific date – press 1 if yes and 2 if no. The charge was not mine, and I texted back 2. I was immediately contacted. I was not asked for full account number or full social security number or mother’s maiden name. They knew the other legit charges on my card. They told me the card was being cancelled and new one being sent. The online access to my Chase account was disabled, and I received a new card with a new card number within a day or two. What is troubling is just a few months later, the same thing is happening all over again. I am not having similar problems with any of my numerous other cards. I think I am done with Chase.

  • Got a call this morning and was left a message from CHASE about suspicious activity.

    As I always do with this type of call, I went to the website and called a number listed on the site. (I never call the number left on the message just in case)

    They verified that there was an unauthorized charge from Forever21.com (women’s clothing) that was declined due to incorrect expiration date entries.

    They cancelled my card and will send me a new one.

  • I received 2 calls from this number today on my cell. No message each time. I do not own any chase credit cards and my real credit card company only has my home phone not my cell.

  • Same call type and number left on answering machine. From Chase Fraud. Agreed, who cares what number they said to call.. Contact the company using your numbers you know are accurate and real.

    Called Chase directly and everything was fine.

    Better safe than sorry.

  • Yep…happened to me today. And…I too was suspicious of the text and then the phone call. But they already knew the last 4 of my card and they did not ask me for further info. They also accurately quoted my last legit purchase with the card, which is not info that someone who had skimmed the card number would have. I looked online for the number and landed here like everyone else. WTG Chase for protecting your customers!

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