Karl Rove – a backstabbing bitch

Honesty and integrity in the White House? Humbug!

Karl Rove’s defense to identifying Joseph Wilson’s wife as a CIA agent is: “I didn’t mention her by name, therefore I didn’t commit a felony”. What utter bullshit. That sort of defense works only for retards. You don’t become an advisor to the White House by being a retard, even under the Bush administration…I think.

Any reasonable person with a functioning brain will see Karl Rove’s word spinning as exactly that, word spinning. When you say Mr. Soandso’s wife is a CIA agent, I don’t think anyone is confused as to who was named as a CIA agent, unless Mr. Soandso has multiple wives. Joseph Wilson has only one wife.

Looks like when that defense didn’t work, he’s now saying that the media already knew she was a CIA agent, he was merely repeating information he’d heard from a reporter. This is, of course, the “if your brother jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?” defense. It usually doesn’t work for 5-year-olds either.

Step down Karl Rove. You’re about to face felony criminal charges, if there’s any justice in the White House.

I’m betting $1,000 he’ll get a presidential pardon on the same day he’s convicted though.


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