Take Two sues Jack Thompson

The delusional Miami attorney, Jack Thompson, infamous for his assault on the First Amendment finds himself on the other side of the table this time as Take Two Interactive, a video game publisher behind the controversial Grand Theft Auto series of video games, sues him in an attempt to pre-emptively block Jack Thompson from filing lawsuits against upcoming games by Take Two Interactive and their subsidiary Rockstar Games.

The suit claims Jack Thompson’s SLAPP suits are violating Rockstar Games’ First Amendment rights to publish the games.

This should be interesting. Jack Thompson has a habit of going completely batshit insane when attacked, criticized or when things don’t generally go his way.

Let’s hope Take Two bankrupts the “fine” attorney or that Jackie boy does something so stupendous the Florida Bar Association has no choice but to finally disbar him. Payback is a bitch, Thumper!

The full text of the lawsuit has been archived by GamePolitics.com.


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