Fuck the Norwich Bulletin

Norwich Bulletin is a local newspaper in Norwich, CT where Julie Amero is facing a sentence up to 40 years in prison because her classroom computer was infected with porn pop-up spewing spyware.

The Norwich Bulletin has been “covering” the case, if by coverage you mean trying to get Julie Amero burned on the stake. I guess it’s too much to ask for a small local newspaper to employ people who are computer literate, but I don’t think it’d be too much to ask to do SOME fact checking before blindly parroting the incompetent Norwich Police Department or the even more incompetent District Attorney.

Norwich Bulletin should be ashamed of themselves for their reporting of the Julie Amero case. It’s despicable.

Here are links Andrew Kantor’s coverage on Norwich Bulletin’s horrible and irresponsible reporting on the Julie Amero case. Andrew Kantor is a professional journalist (unlike the unnamed Norwich Bulletin editors…yes, they do not put their own names under their editorials) and has written articles for several well respected publications, incl. C|Net and USA Today.

Why Norwich Bulletin’s Sunday editorial is so wrong
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