Daily Archive for April 17th, 2007

Jack Thompson lies on national TV

Kotaku.com editor Brian Crecente has posted the video of Jack Thompsons appearance on Fox News yesterday just hours after the shooting at Virginia Tech.

He goes one step further than just posting the video though. He completely and utterly destroys all “arguments” Jack Thompson made during the appearance. There wasn’t a word of truth to anything he said on TV yesterday.

Facts can be a bitch, right Jackhole?

One would hope, however, that the mass media outlets would at least once actually get someone who’s not a habitual, self-serving liar to comment with or instead of Jack Thompson. How about it Fox News?


Dr. Phil claims video games cause mass shootings

Looks like the professional douchebags are coming out of the woodwork everywhere to crucify video games for a few soundbytes and appearance fees.

Dr. Phil made an appearance on Larry King and basically said video games are a ticking time bomb on the hands of unstable people and are the cause of mass shootings.

Tonight on Nancy Gray: Burn Video Games To Save The World?