Republicans playing politics with people’s lives

The Washington Post has uncovered a blatant effort by Bushies to stack the immigration courts with Republican (and presumably anti-immigration) judges, who often have no other qualifications than being loyal to Emperor Bush. These judges reside over deportation proceedings and other serious immigration matters. They literally can decide the faith of immigrants’ lives…with little or no experience in immigration law. It’s kinda like putting a an international horse show judge in charge of FEMA.

One third of all immigration judges appointed by the Attorney General since 2004 have close ties to the Republican Party. It’s illegal, btw, to appoint civil service employees such as immigration judges based on political factors. But what’s illegally appointing party loyalists compared to illegally wiretapping the entire country.

You know, if the Republicans really want that bad to keep the brown people out of the country, why don’t they just make a law that says that, rather than try all these behind closed doors tricks to do the same.


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  • Hey man I used to work for FEMA! that’s not nice? Well actually I only lasted 6 months there because only a small fraction of the people wanted to hear the truth. And that was during the Katrina, when the Agency was pumping out $100M day, from my group! 🙂

    OK, Tero, see if you can guess who this is! Let’s just say that I’d never make you do Cold Fusion again.


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