Direct Marketing Association – hackers’ delight

Everyone pretty much knows the Direct Marketing Association is a complete joke with regards to online privacy, but it gets far worse than that.

Apparently their opt-out lists are storing people’s passwords in cleartext, and non-administrators at DMA have access to the entire database, AND are sending emails with those passwords.

I would be willing to bet their website is not secure enough to withstand an attack from a hacker who knows what he’s doing. If that ever happens, that hacker has access to a relatively large database of privacy conscious users, including their passwords. Everyone knows most people use the same passwords on multiple online services, so once a hacker has that database he’s got keys to a LOT of other information, incl. most likely services like Paypal, online banking, etc.

But what else could you expect from an organization that’s been fighting people’s right to privacy for decades. I guess they’re practicing what they preach.


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