MISE8 upgrade fails

So Microsoft patch Tuesday came and went. I finally got around to installing the new upgrades last night (yea, yea) and decided to upgrade MSIE7 to MSIE8 at the same time. Might as well…I mean what’s one upgrade among the 15 or so I’m already installing.


MSIE8 upgrade starts at around 6pm, starts doing its malware check without asking me if I really want to do one (I don’t…I run anti-virus scanners every day), and then continues performing the malware check for the next 15 hours with no visible progress. What the fuck!?

I left the upgrade running overnight and when I woke up at around 9am in the morning, the malware check was still running.

Since there is no way to disable the malware check on the installer, I guess it means I will not be upgrading to MSIE8 on this computer.

Way to go Microsoft!

My regular anti-virus scanner finishes its scans just fine, although it does take a while. It does NOT take 15 hours, however. More like 3. I have a lot of files, what can I say.


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