Monthly Archive for March, 2010

The War Against WikiLeaks

Glenn Greenwald of writes about the escalating war against by the United States Government. is a non-profit organization devoted to exposing Government and corporate corruption around the world. It’s published a number of embarrassing documents about CIA, The Pentagon and other branches of the US Government. As a result they’ve found themselves a target of around the clock surveillance and at least on one occasion a WikiLeaks volunteer, who is underaged, was detained and questioned by (allegedly) US State Department and CIA personnel in Iceland.

You gotta wonder when exactly did the US Government forget the reason the United States was formed.


Finally proper sanctions for identity theft

Alberto Gonzales has been sentenced for 20 years in the slammer for stealing credit and debit card information from an unsecured wireless network of T.J. Maxx and then pilfering the accounts for millions of dollars at ATMs around the country.

Hopefully this is a first of many hard sentences against credit card scammers.


The Y2Gay Problem

The Y2Gay problem is similar to the Y2K problem; databases have been designed with certain assumptions that no longer hold true.

In this case the databases assume that marriage is between one man and one woman.

The author of the article discusses in a pretty entertaining way on how to design a database that supports other types of marriages (incl. polygamy).