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Disney supports torturing blacks and mass murdering Muslims

An ABC affiliate radio station KSFO in San Francisco Bay area has been a home of some pretty despicable right wing lunacy for quite some time.

A blogger called Spocko called them out on it by contacting the radio station’s advertisers with examples of the station’s radio jockeys’ hate speech in the form of audio clips pulled off the air. VISA pulled their advertisement based on Spocko’s letter to them.

That’s when the fun started. ABC/Disney corporate lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to Spocko asking him to stop using their copyrighted material or face criminal charges. Apparently the ABC/Disney lawyers have failed to read the Fair Use portions of the copyright law.

What Spocko was doing is basically exactly the same as what The Daily Show does on a daily basis. The difference is, of course, that The Daily Show is backed by a powerful media company (CBS/Viacom), and Spocko is not.

Spocko had to cave in, because he doesn’t have the resources to fight a multi-billion corporation. He shut down his blog, and is now spreading the word on ABC/Disney’s abuse of the legal system on the blogosphere.

It’s pretty interesting that ABC/Disney is ok with the hate speech of its affiliates, but the moment that hate speech translates to losing ad revenue, they start shooting down the messengers. Let’s all go hug Mickey Mouse, yay!

Read the blog post about the issue at Daily Kos and spread the word.

Here’re some examples of KSFO hate speech.