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Murders at Guantanamo Bay

Harper’s Magazine writes about a cover-up of murders of three Guantanamo Bay prisoners June 9th 2006.

The article convincingly documents how interrogators transferred three prisoners from their prison cells to a “black site” outside of the regular prison compound and tortured and killed them. The commanding officers at Guantanamo Bay then covered up the murders as suicides.

After a whistleblower came forward the Department of Justice also participated in the cover-up.


The New York Times documents war crimes by the US Government

A New York Times article documents the plight of a Pakistani citizen, Mr. Muhammad Saad Iqbal, who was arrested in Indonesia in 2002, then transferred to Egypt by CIA to be tortured.

He was finally released from Guantanamo Bay in August of 2008 after more than six months in captivity. He had repeatedly been cleared by lie detectors and other interrogation techniques of having anything to do with Al Qaeda. Yet it took the US six years to release this man.

He’s been on antibiotics for more than five years and is dependent on multiple drugs. He has multiple infections in his ears and suffers from injury to his back that’s making walking difficult. He’s attempted suicide twice and went on hunger strike three times while held illegally by the United States.

You have to wonder about a Government that’s supposed to be the champion of democracy and justice all over the world, and does things like this to innocent people. Here’s hoping a jury awards this man a multi-billion dollar settlement once his lawyers get around to suing the US Government for torture, kidnap and illegal detainment.


The CIA is using old Soviet prison camps to detain terrorist suspects

In Soviet USA terrorists are kept in secret prisons outside of US borders to mitigate legal liability.

Washington Post reports that the CIA has set up a covert prison network in 8 foreign countries, including several Eastern European countries, to house top Al Qaeda leaders captured around the world.

It is illegal to do this within the US, which is why the prisons are run abroad. Some of the prisoners have been illegally captured on foreign soil, then transferred into these secret prisons.

Sounds exactly like what communist regimes did back in the day.