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Environmental Activist’s Address to the Court Makes US Government Fascism Naked to Everyone

Tim DeChristopher, an environmental activist who was sentenced to two years in prison for “disrupting” a Bureau of Land Management auction in 2008 that would’ve illegally granted mining rights in national parks.

His statement to the court before his sentencing is some of the most powerful commentary on corporate favoritism in the US Government:

In West Virginia, we’ve been extracting coal longer than anyone else. And after 150 years of making other people rich, West Virginia is almost dead last among the states in per capita income, education rates and life expectancy. And it’s not an anomaly. The areas with the richest fossil fuel resources, whether coal in West Virginia and Kentucky, or oil in Louisiana and Mississippi, are the areas with the lowest standards of living. In part, this is a necessity of the industry. The only way to convince someone to blow up their backyard or poison their water is to make sure they are so desperate that they have no other option. But it is also the nature of the economic model. Since fossil fuels are a limited resources, whoever controls access to that resource in the beginning gets to set all the terms. They set the terms for their workers, for the local communities, and apparently even for the regulatory agencies.

Unsurprisingly local residents are overwhelmingly in favor of his actions.

The speech is also a pretty thorough beat down of the US Attorney who prosecuted him. It’s a good read.


The true purpose of the Arizona State immigration law

Laura Sullivan at NPR blows the lid off the Arizona State immigration law that makes it open season on anyone who looks hispanic.

She uncovered what really was behind the legislation. Corporate greed.

It seems as if the legislation was written by private prison industry lobbyists in an effort to funnel illegal immigrants to the prisons run by the industry. Obviously this would produce a windfall for the companies running the prisons. And it’d all be tax-payer money.

I wonder how many of the bill’s sponsors got kickbacks.


The Tea Party – of the people, by the people, for the rich

The “grassroots” movement “reclaiming” America’s “honored” past turns out to be nothing but a front for fascism. In a most excellent piece of investigative journalism by Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, it is revealed the Koch brothers have been funding the Tea Party the entire time.

The Koch brothers have a long standing history of self-serving agendas. The Tea Party is but the latest attempt by these ultra-rich businessmen – in the US their wealth is only eclipsed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – to change political environment of the country to favor the ultra rich.

It really is amazing how the Tea Party has been branded to stand against special interests and the “Washington politics” while at the same time being held together by funds from the very people the party is supposedly against. This has to be one of the greatest branding successes ever. It’s truly amazing that these are the same people who accuse Barack Obama for having some sort of a hidden agenda.

The Koch family history is a history of racism, disregard for the environment to enrich the family, communist witch hunts and behind the scenes political dealings. Its agenda is total abolition of all consumer protections, taxes, unnecessary Government agencies (incl. FBI and CIA) and all regulations that regulate businesses in the US.


The RIAA/MPAA Strategic Plan for intellectual property enforcement

The Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator is soliciting comments from organizations regarding forming a strategic plan for intellectual property enforcement in the US.

RIAA, MPAA and other organizations have submitted their joint comment.

The EFF is calling out some of the most “interesting” aspects of that comment.

RIAA/MPAA want consumers to install anti-copyright infringement on their home computers. Think of it as a sort of virus scanner, but for illegal files instead.

They also want all network providers to scan their network traffic and prevent copyright infringement happening on their networks. At least they’re only asking for reasonable measures.

They want increased searches on US borders, and add declarations in the US customs forms for intellectual property. What this would mean is that next time you come into the US from abroad, and your iPod has ripped music on it, you’d have to disclose that to the US Customs officers and most likely have the iPod confiscated (and face possible sanctions).

They want the US Government to pressure other Governments to adopt more copyright friendly policies.

And finally they want the DOJ and DHS to hunt down pirates at the tax-payers’ expense.

Fascism is well and alive in our entertainment industry.