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Google Analytics rocks

Just the other day, for example, I was happy to see someone visiting my humble blog from SEDGWICK,DETERT,MORAN & ARNOLD via a Google search using the keywords “allofmp3 copyright violation”. Looks like I’m 6th in the search results for that keyword combination.

Hi guys! Racking up frequent flier miles with Aeroflot?

-TPP – all of RIAA’s bases are belong to allofmp3

Google Desktop Crash

Google Desktop Search v2 (or GDS2) arrived yesterday with a big bang. Since Google can do no evil, I went ahead and installed the thing immediately like all good .netizens did.

I leave the thing indexing my personal life overnight and come back to work to find out all the apps have died with out of memory errors, the computer is crawling at a snail’s pace and the GoogleDesktopCrawler.exe process is consuming 170% of my physical memory.

Hurray for beta software!

Update: Looks like the issue might be related to a DiskView Plugin and not GDS itself.