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Shut up Tony Avella

Tony Avella is the New York City Councilman in the district I live in. He’d be my councilman, if I was a citizen.

He’s been in the limelight recently for some “unfortunate” statements regarding a vicious attack on four Asian college kids by two guidos in Douglaston. One of the scum even decided it’d be a great idea, if he fought with the police who caught up with them after the attack. Bright kids these two.

Mr. Avella, undoubtedly playing with the home court advantage in his predominantly white district, said racial tensions in the neighborhood have been increasing, because the Asian immigrants, who own stores in the area, have been putting up Korean or Chinese language signs on their storefronts. Apparently, according to Mr. Avella, this is making the whites in the area feel unwelcome. And according to Mr. Avella that might be causing racial tension in the area.

What a load of bullshit.

Maybe Mr. Avella and his constituents might want to move beyond their prejudices and step inside one of these stores and look around (and leave the baseball bat behind). Not only will you be completely welcome, but you’ll also quite likely find the stores cheaper than the American competitors. You’ll also find merchandise you can not get anywhere else. Experiencing something like that might cure the area whites of their bigotry. That is, if it’s not inbred into them. Like the case is with the two assholes in Douglaston.

Next time Mr. Avella is up for re-election, let’s hope the (Asian) immigrant population in his area exceeds the number of whites in the area. It’s high time this apologist gets voted off the City Council.


PS. Before any white person from Bayside or Douglaston gets too upset at me, let’s just remind everyone that I’m quite white. In fact, I’m probably much whiter than the average Queens whitey, since I come from one of the blondest countries in the world. You can’t get any more pale than me.