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The FCC supports net neutrality

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski outlined The Federal Communications Commission’s position on net neutrality in a landmark speech this past Monday.

The speech is remarkable, because it’s in almost complete opposition of the telco industry heavyweights’ position. None of the big telecommunications companies want net neutrality, and have been working against it in an orchestrated manner for a long time.

The speech is a manifesto for openness, transparency and promoting innovation. Everything Big Telco hates.

A vote on making the positions outlined in the speech into FCC rules is said to be taking place in October.


Online gaming to be the first casualty if net neutrality is scrapped

RampRate.com has published an excellent paper on the likely impact of lack of net neutrality on online gaming.

The paper argues online gaming will be killed, if net neutrality is not enforced. The argument made in the paper says unlike for practically all other low latency services over the Internet, online gaming has no other alternatives, so it will be effectively killed, if ISPs start charging premium fees for online gaming packets.


Net Neutrality: Would you pay to not have your kneecaps broken?

Of course you wouldn’t, but why would you then pay protection money to network providers so that your TCP/IP packets get delivered as expected?

Dan Kaminsky has written an excellent article on net neutrality issues in Computerworld.