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Uwe goes Postal II

Yes, it’s a sequel. I know, Uwe doesn’t do sequels, cause he’s a badass like that, but this isn’t a movie.

It’s Bitchfest II between Wired Editor Chris Kohler and Uwe Boll, the bestest independent movie director, evar.

You probably thought Uwe would’ve had enough the last time when the entire Intertubes got to laugh at his reaction to a negative review of his latest blockbuster (uh, yea, in your dreams Uwe) movie. The genius actually took on Chris Kohler’s offer for a phone interview to set the record straight about his awesome masterwork.

Yes, Uwe, we see it now. You’re masterful in the art of cinema making. You’re the savior of independent film. You’re our guiding light. You rock.


Uwe Boll goes postal over a review of Postal

Wired reviewed Postal, the latest movie directed by Uwe Boll based on an existing video game franchise. Uwe didn’t seem to appreciate the review that much, and let the reviewer know about it. The reviewer documented the hilarious Email exchange between Uwe Boll, his publicist (whose job should really be about keeping Uwe to shut the fuck up) and the reviewer on a blog post.

I think Uwe suffers from a pretty chronic case of a superiority complex, an inflated ego syndrome, and a severe case of thin skinitis. Oh, and an inflated douchebaggery, and critical condition of assholitis.