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Scientific proof that Bill O’Reilly is an asshole

Indiana University media researchers have concluded a study into Bill O’Reilly’s ranting on TV. They’ve analyzed 115 episodes of his TV shows on the Fox News channel. I would feel sorry for them having to have gone through that traumatic experience if it weren’t for the awesome results of their study.

They found dear Bill uses a derogatory name once every 6.8 seconds, and that he’s frequently and consistently using known propaganda devices in his speech. He’s using fear prominently to back his insane arguments.

He’s also consistently and with no exception labeling foreigners in a negative light.

It’s no news to anyone, of course, that he is a xenophobic racist asshole. It’s just good to have scientific evidence of it.

A PDF publication of the study results can be found on the Indiana University website.


Racism alive and well in Long Island

The New York Times writes about semi-legal raids on immigrant owned homes in the Hamptons in Long Island.

It appears the honkeys living there (incl. Richard Herrlin, William E. McGintee, Lucinda Murphy, Todd Sarris) don’t quite appreciate the brown people around them and are trying their best to drive them out so that their McMansions could appreciate in value and they could hire illegal immigrants to cater to their every need.

The article concentrates on telling the story of the Leon family from Ecuador. They’re all legal immigrants, but were still raided by a SWAT team at 5am in the morning, because apparently the immigration officials thought the family’s mother could be hiding her ex-husband against whom she had acquired an order of protection before the divorce.

“It would appear that in the war against terrorism, agents of our nation are now acting in the role of terrorizers,” the group of local clergy, East End Clergy Concerned, wrote their congressman in a letter asking for an investigation over the raids.

I couldn’t agree more.


What would the Republicans be without immigrants

These bigoted asses in the Republican party just can’t keep their mouths shut, can they?

It’s good that they can use us immigrants as a wedge issue and all, but Virginia Senator George Allen probably wished he hadn’t had the press there when he called a person of Indian ethnicity a monkey. It’s good to know we have people like him representing us in the US Senate.

After all, there’re way too many brown and yellow people in the country already. Right Mr. Bigot?