Bush Dictionary: Sovereign entity means…um…sovereign entity

Check the audio clip where George W. Bush is trying to explain what tribal sovereignity means at a convention of minority journalists. The audience actually starts laughing at him.

No wonder he no longer gives interviews to other than conservative or otherwise friendly interviewers.


1 Response to “Bush Dictionary: Sovereign entity means…um…sovereign entity”

  • Our former president Bush was of average intelligence and coming from a place stemming from maximum greed and indulgence. We, the people have watched this ‘C-‘ student run our rights into the ground in the name of protection, in the name of Terrorism, Terror, Terrorists, Insurgents, Al Quaeda, Osama, attack…he is a fool and we have been fools for 8 years for even allowing it to continue. We can’t complain now about the job he did or didn’t do because we allowed it. We as people behave like cows grazing in a field…as long as there were fields of grass to chew, we don’t mind what you do…it’s sad, but true and now my friends, we don’t know what to do or how to solve this problem. Sadly, we should blame ourselves if we are looking to blame anyone, because we saw the signs of his intentions and his lack of wisdom in many decisions. You decide. Today. Perhaps, when we figure out what is important to us singularly and as people as a whole, and what we want and need out of this life, perhaps, we can make things better and make them right. I still have faith in us…what a concept!

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