Bush makes no mistakes. Really?

The second presidential debate is over, and while I think Bush did a better job than in the first one, he still lost. He looked visibly angry most of the time, and was almost yelling his responses to the audience. Very unprofessional.

But the most amazing moment of the debate came with his response to the last question of the night. A member of the audience asked him to name three decisions he has made during his presidency that he, in hindsight, thinks were mistakes and how did he try to correct them.

Bush couldn’t name one, other than joking about making mistakes in appointing people. That is truly amazing. Instead he appeared to know the true motivation of the question, and jumped into defending his decision to go to war against Iraq. Seems like the question hit a sore spot to me.

Nevertheless his answer reminds me of something I said a few months back about interviewing job candidates, and let’s face it, Bush is interviewing for a job.

Having been interviewing job candidates for a position with my current company, for what feels like forever, questions about mistakes or challenging situations in the past, and what was learned from them, is one of the best questions to use to disqualify candidates.

We had one hero answer the question something along the lines of:

“I look at other people’s work, and I see a lot of faults. I’ve yet to see anything wrong with my work.”

He will not be hired. Pity the employer who does.

I pity the US, if Bush is hired.


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