Bush appoints new Supreme Court Justice

George W. Bush appoints a new Supreme Court Justice.

She’s never served as a judge before, but she did stay at Holiday Inn Express last night.


2 Responses to “Bush appoints new Supreme Court Justice”

  • I think this “She hasn’t been a judge before” is a bait that we shouldn’t bite because once we do, it’s for the conservatives to attack us with lines like “Rehnquists was also never been a judge before his SCOTUS appointment.”

    I’m more worried about the supposedly discontents between the extreme rights. Are they for real or just playing the rest of us?

    or how about this, Bush nominees have a very low level of paper trails that really exposed their opinions and bents. Seems like the neo-cons are the only people who understand who these nominees are. I don’t know whether I should be happy, sad, or angry about these nominess because there’re not enough facts and I’m just not partisan enough to either side.

    Right now, I’m trying (though not hard enough) to find Russ Feingold’s statement for approving Roberts. He’s one of the four senators that actually bothered to attend all 4 CIA/Pentagon pre-Iraq war briefings on giving the president the authorizations to attack Iraq. Everyone who attended all 4 voted NO.

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