Daily Archive for December 17th, 2005

In Soviet US the Government spies on you

The big story of the week was the revelations in the New York Times over George Bush authorizing warrantless spying of US citizens. In true East German style, President Bush, tried to deflect blame by attacking the messenger and accussed the New York Times of endangering national security by revealing his illegal and unconstitutional acts.

In other, related, news a UMass Dartmouth student was writing a paper on communism for class and tried to borrow Mao Tse-Tung’s Little Red Book using the school’s interlibrary loan program. Much to his surprise the book was delivered to him in person by two friendly agents of the Department of Homeland Security. Sadly the agents did not leave the book with the student. The article doesn’t mention whether the agents returned the book to the library or burned it.