Don’t get annoyed at this, please?

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) must be proud of himself. He managed to slip a rather interesting little law in the DOJ Appropriations Bill. Of course the DOJ Appropriations Bill was a must-pass piece of legislation, so slipping this law into it is just downright unethical.

The law makes annoying someone anonymously over the Internet a federal crime. Being the Mad Finn I’m annoyed at a whole bunch of Internet morons all the time. A lot of them are using assumed names, cute nicknames, impersonating someone else or no name at all. Does it mean all these people are now criminals? Come to think of it, has anyone on the Internet never annoyed anyone? Does this mean that everyone on the Internet is a criminal now?

I’m not posting anonymously on this blog, so I can still annoy anyone I damn well please. Hopefully the “fine” Senator Specter is the first in line.


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