What goes on in the mind of a father of a botnet operator

“I told my dad I had made an Internet worm that infected people, and then I used their computers to make money, and he just shook his head and was, like, ‘I hope you don’t go to jail for that . . .’ and . . . ‘I hope it wasn’t underage porn you was doing.'”

That’s what goes on in the mind of a father of one of FBI’s most wanted cyber criminals. No wonder his son is a criminal. He just doesn’t give a fuck his son is breaking several laws in multiple countries.

Nuke the double-wide they live in and all their other offspring, too. That’d solve the disease.

Update: The story on 0x80 in Washington Post had a photo. Before publishing the photo on the washingtonpost.com, they forgot to clean out the metadata on it. Here’s the metadata:

SLUG: mag/hacker
DATE: 12/19/2005
id#: LOCATION: Roland, OK
PICTURED: Canon Canon EOS 20D
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh 2006:02:16 15:44:49 Sarah L. Voisin

Roland, OK has a population of less than 3000 people. This guy is going to get caught. Bragging always gets these assholes in trouble.

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