Daily Archive for April 18th, 2006

Assat.com crashes after the overtime win

This is what I’m getting trying to access the official website for Pori Ässät at the moment:

500 Servlet Exception

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Resin-3.0.17 (built Thu, 22 Dec 2005 12:11:34 PST)


Ässät WINS!

At 2:03 in the first overtime, Ässät scores the winning goal!!!

Incredible!!! Listening at the radio broadcast, the hockey rink went absolutely wild after the goal.

Now, let’s take the home game advantage away in the next game!


Ässät kick ass!

2nd game in the finals series.

HPK, the opposing team, scores a goal to take a one-goal lead at 1:10 to go in the final period. Game is done.

Not so quick! Ässät comes back and scores a goal to tie the game at 4 – 4 at 34 seconds to go in the game.


The game is going into overtime right now.

Let’s go Ässät!!! Let’s go Ässät!!! Let’s go Ässät!!!


Did we come here to talk or drink?!

A great collection of Finnish jokes along the same line as the following:

Mika and Peppe hadn’t seen each other for ages, so they decided to get together for “one” beer. At the end of the first pint Peppe says “How have you been?” Mika just grunts in reply.

At the end of the second pint Peppe asks “So how’s your family?” Again, Mika just grunts in reply.

After three pints Peppe asks “How’s work going?” Mika suddenly stands up and shouts
“Perkele! Did we come here to talk or drink?!”