At least someone in the Finnish Parliament has balls

Heidi Hautala, she’s female, btw, caused a somewhat of a scandal earlier today in Finland when she spoke during Parliament’s centenary session as a representative of the Green Party.

She riled against the current Russian administration saying the Russian Duma has reverted to the tsar-dominated pre-1905 situation. She also encouraged Russia to honor basic human rights, rule of law and democratic values.

Too bad the speech didn’t come from some of the representatives of parties currently in power in Finland. They were, as usual, too busy apologizing to the Russians for what Ms. Hautala had said.

Helsingin Sanomat, the leading newspaper in Finland, reports on Heidi Hautala’s speech.

Given all that’s happening to Finno-Ugric people in Russia, I say this speech was long overdue and should’ve been given at the Russian Duma.

I’ve written about the Russian human rights violations before:
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